We all know the classic green tree is a staple for Christmas decor. But did you know a full or slim Christmas tree can be a fashionable accessory all year? These pretty plants are generally overlooked for an accent to your home and you can start the trend by decorating yours for each season.

Guests will love the cutesy and whimsical addition of a Christmas tree to your home all months of the year. We’re merry to provide five simple tips on how to keep your tree looking fresh from last Christmas to this year’s celebration!

Five Benefits of Using Your Christmas Trees All Year Long

  1. Artificial Trees Are Everlasting For A Year Round Look

Artificial trees require zero upkeep so you can have a topiary inside your home without worrying about watering and shedding.

In addition, many artificial trees can be adjusted to your liking with tiers that will easily be attached and detached to fit your home. Whether you want a large or small tree, these can fit your space with ease.

  1. Make Decorating A Family Thing!

Decorating a Christmas tree can be a fun activity for your whole family. Kids will love making homemade ornaments and showing off to their friends whenever they come over. Even moody teenagers can get into the spirit with trendy decorations they can find with their pals at the mall.

Additionally, adults can hang heirloom and prized ornaments on their trees. Baby’s first ornament doesn’t just have to be for December; these cherished trinkets can even replace bulky family frames by displaying them on your tree. Sentimental pieces can be placed in a festive manner above the branches for all occasions.

  1. Make Your Home Shine During Any Holiday

Artificial and natural trees can be decorated for each holiday. Consider hiding Easter eggs in your trees or adding skull ornaments for Halloween. You can even add nice smelling herbs to accent your home for Thanksgiving.

Why not make the 4th of July celebrations even more special with red, white, and blue tinsel? Christmas trees can even be decorated in a creative theme for birthdays and wedding celebrations. The possibilities are endless with the right tree.

  1. Christmas Trees Bring Holiday Joy

Who doesn’t love to see a decorated Christmas tree when walking in the home? Studies have shown even viewing a simple green pine tree makes people happier and ready for the holiday season.

You don’t have to break out the carols and eggnog to lift someone’s spirits. Just a whiff of fresh pine needles and lovely lights can enhance your home decor and elevate your mood.

  1. Leaving A Christmas Tree Up Keeps the Fun Going

Why stop the fun after Christmas? Taking down a tree is obviously a lot of work and can bring the magic of the holidays to a depressing halt. Unless your tree is going to rot and cause a danger to your household, you really don’t need to take it down right away. Think of all the fun you and your family had erecting the tree and decorating and keep the spirit alive! An even better plus is you don’t have to put it up again next Christmas.

The Verdict Is In…Keep Your Tree Up!

Save yourself more stress after the holidays by keeping your tree up all year long. You’ll be a hit among your guests and influence others not to waste precious time with their families. No matter the size or shape of your tree, you’ll find one to keep you happy and in the holiday spirit no matter the day.