Withdrawing from narcotics is not a walk in the park, and that is why most addicts do not make it through their road to recovery. Are you willing to re-establish yourself, and start a drug-free life? Dr. Thomas C Yee of Rapid Opioid Detox Clinic is an Opioid addiction specialist, with locations in Newport Beach, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The specialists use advanced medical technologies to relieve patients of pain during detox. Some of the addictions they handle include hydrocodone, heroin, oxycontin, opioid, and oxycodone. If you wish to learn more, schedule an appointment with the facility today.

About Services

Dr. Yee specializes in ultra-rapid detox, which is an innovative procedure that helps you avoid withdrawal symptoms through being unconscious during the procedure. This rapid detox treatment plan frees you of the physical effects of addiction, thus aiding your physiological needs. Rapid detox treatment reduces the time it can take you to detox.

Before treatment, proper diagnostic procedures are necessary to determine your emotional and physical health. During treatment, Dr. Yee, who is board-certified in anesthesiology, puts you under light anesthesia for about eight hours. Dr. Yee has vast experience and knowledge in anesthesiology, helping patients across different states with full recovery from addiction.

Besides, rapid opioid detox treatment, Dr. Yee also provides Vivitrol. Vivitrol (naltrexone injections) treatment blocks the opioid receptors found in your brain.  To ensure the patient makes it through full recovery, the specialists offer relapse prevention care.

Information about the Rapid Opioid Detox Program

Not only is addiction time consuming, but also quite expensive and might end up costing more than you think. At the facility, the physicians believe that successful detox is genuinely priceless. Their rapid opioid detox program costs $12,000-$15,000, which is quite affordable in comparison to other conventional treatments. Reach out to their website for more information about their financing and privacy policy.


Rapid Opioid Detox Clinic emphasizes patient education through various blog articles. Such featured articles include Drug Addiction Treatment, Detox Treatment, Drug Recovery, Drug Rehab Centers, and more. Visit their website and learn a thing or two about the center’s practice from this website.

Testimonials & Reviews

Rapid Opioid Detox Clinic always values and appreciates feedback from their valued patients. Although they are yet to receive a review, you can be the first one.


Patients can reach out to the center by calling or booking an appointment online. You can also use the map directions on their webpage to visit any of their office locations. If you have any queries, comments, or concerns about the Rapid Opioid Detox Clinic, fill out the contact form to send a message.

To sum up, Rapid Opioid Detox Clinic offers safe, affordable, and quick addiction treatment. Dr. Yee and his team of providers use state-of-the-art medical technology and advanced techniques and conduct patient follow-ups to ensure that one does not relapse. Are you willing to stop substance abuse and wholly transform your life? Call or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

Narcotics withdrawal is a painful process that prevents many addicts from taking steps toward recovering from their addiction. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Newport Beach, California, Rapid Opioid Detox Clinic provides a patented pain-free solution to narcotics detox. The team is led by opioid addiction specialist Thomas Yee, MD, and offers treatment for heroin, hydrocodone, opioid, oxycodone, and oxycontin addictions.