With the question about the rich lifestyle in South Africa people also have a question regarding the existence of wealthy people in the country. It is because of the reason that still many people have this expression and assumption about Africans that they are slaves. So, getting to know about a country’s wealthy society while you have known about its humble background is must be surprising for you.

The changing era and turning of the world into a global village has changed the whole system. In the contemporary situation, multi-dollar millionaires are living in South Africa. Let me tell you a rough estimate of wealthy people in the country.

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Over 1800 multi-millionaires and about 5 billionaires are living in South Africa. This is not a small figure and it will be surprising for you to know that South Africa is ranking in the top 30 countries economically.


Most of the population of South Africa is living a luxurious life. Over 45% of the total population lives in estates while as high as 30% population is having luxurious homes and living styles.


Did you know what is different among the activities of elites of South Africa and other European countries? The major variation that you will find is that Europeans are more into gaming. While in the case of South Africa, one-third of wealthy people are involved sports, the rest of them are hoping to get into sports activities.

According to researches and surveys, it is found that most of the well-off families of South Africa are interested in traveling and reading. If we talk about sports, though the South African elite class is not much into it yet if some of them are, they like cycling and golf.

You can predict that these African people are more concerned about their health. They mainly choose healthy activities. Additionally, Africans belonging to the upper class are engaged in doing exercise.

In our ordinary countries, luxuries make people ill because they do not participate in working or any kind of exercise. In most Asian countries, wealthy people are lazy and they do not work due to their obsession with enjoying luxuries.

Hobbies and culture:

A little proportion of the population is involved in their hobbies and cultural activities. According to some surveys it was observed that wealthy people are dedicated to their hobbies and culture but they are unable to perform such activities.

For instance, let me tell you that the elite class admires art and photography but they are not much into these activities though they admire them.


South African rich people are concerned about luxury cars, fancy homes, accessories, hoteling, having jewelry, diamonds and coins, and stuff like that as all every rich person has. Apart from these shared aims Africans are more interested in stamps and aircraft.

Why Wealthy People are Living in South Africa?

There are many attractive reasons for wealthy people for living in South Africa. Beauty is one cause of attraction. The temperature is suitable and there is greenery so enjoying in warm regions is easier than in cold areas. Additionally, there are several beaches and fancies to be enjoyed.

The second reason is that business and market are easily accessible. The stock market of South Africa lies in the top 20 in the world stock markets therefore it attracts business opportunities and thus investors.

Lastly, many other facilities can appeal to any wealthy person to live in that area. You will find the best food, transportation, and shopping malls so what else does a wealthy person need more than that? All these factors are enough to choose south Africa for living.

Last Words 

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So this is a summarized article about the living style of rich South Africans. Hopefully, this article helps to know about how the elite class of South Africa lives and why they choose to live there.

Let us know what you think about the rich lifestyle in Africa and their living culture in comments section mentioned below!

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