Guys and style do not always mix. Athletic shorts and tennis shoes have their time and place. What we choose to wear sends an image to those around us. Now, it’s not necessary that you dress up every day but dressing to impress shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. It’s time to spice up your wardrobe, make your significant other proud, and throw away the sweats and beat up t-shirts. Too lazy to revamp your style? The following shopping tips should help you find the best look for your needs.

1. Shop for the Right Color

The colors we incorporate within our wardrobe give off different vibes. Black is a color authority and power while blue is a peaceful, calming hew. Others like red stimulate more intensity while yellow emits a more positive, cheery feel. Figure out which color works best for your complexion and facial features. Whether your dressed for a business meeting or a romantic date, take into account the colors you choose to wear!

2. Buy Online Sometimes

Finding the perfect pair of jeans usually means buying them in person, but a shirt is a different story. The problem is that the shirts in retail stores might be typical. This is the reason why some men look a little bland. Thankfully, the Internet exists, and there are sites like DHDWear or others where you can find exotic or sexy pieces like bike t-shirts. A man should look for something slightly out the box, yet it should still represent who he is.

3. Know Your Exact Measurements

This is a good tip for online shopping and retail shopping. There is something grossly unflattering about a man wearing clothes that are too big or too small. Some men do not take the time to actually measure themselves, but it will make it easier to find a dress shirt, t-shirt, pants, or tuxedo that fits like a glove. You can have your body measured by a tailor if you do not know how. The key is to measure armpit to armpit, arm length, and legs, to name a few areas.

4. Look For a Reasonable Return Policy

Some men have a hard time shopping. This can be such a drag at times that they might forget to see if the item they purchased can be returned. It is very important that you make sure that whatever you are purchasing comes with a return policy, which is especially true for clothes purchased online. Be sure that the policy is reasonable. Some places ask you to pay for return shipping and handling and some do not. You have to find a return policy that you are comfortable with. Return policies are just safety nets, just in case the look simply does not work.

As you shop, remember the four tips above. They should help personalize the shopping experience so that you find something flattering, instead of bland articles of clothes. Most importantly, don’t forget to check the return policy. Never be afraid to bring your significant other, or your mom, along for a second opinion!