Seeing how Dubai takes pride in itself as the city of the future, it should come as no surprise that it is encouraging an essentially cashless culture. Most Dubai restaurants and merchants refuse to accept cash, even for fairly small purchases. The same can be said about the city’s cheap car rental Dubai. If you’re looking to hire a car in the UAE, the chances to pay cash are very minimal. A credit card is the preferred payment form utilized by most car rental agencies in the UAE. In this post, we will discuss what you need to learn to hire a car in Dubai before using your credit card.

Debit Is Not Credit

Many people get confused between debit and credit cards. You can also consider “credit card” which is used as a synonym for “debit card” and vice-versa. And when UAE car rental companies claim “credit card,” they mean it. Many agencies decline to accept debit card payment and those who do usually impose additional fees and paperwork. If you don’t have a credit card, make sure to secure one before you travel to the UAE because your debit card will not work.

Why Is A Credit Card So Important?

So why the cheap car rental Dubai is too hesitant to consider anything but a credit card? It can be tightened down to how easy it is to secure payment with a credit card. Even if the driver doesn’t have the means to support their deposit, the rental agency will feel more or less sure they will collect the payment. Nevertheless, with a debit card, the rental agency can collect the charge only if the renter already has the requisite funds at their disposal.

In the Name of the Driver

You will be asked to name a primary driver when you hire a vehicle in the UAE. This is the person who will drive the vehicle for the majority of the rental period, if not the whole. Many car rental agencies in the country decline to recognize a customer’s credit card unless it is in the primary driver’s name. This is because, during the lease, the main driver is legitimately responsible for the car, which ensures payment will be made under his name.

Booking Online

Most car rental agencies in the UAE provide an online presence. This permits drivers to pre-book their cars. Even if your credit card information is entered electronically, you are expected to show your credit card in person. It will allow the rental agency to ensure that the person who booked online a particular vehicle is the same one who drives it out of the driveway.

 In principle, you might use two different credit cards while booking and collecting your car. And your name would have to be highlighted by both. Reach trusted car rental companies by checking their reviews and background and choose the best cheap car rental in Dubai that will help you out in providing cars for rent on a monthly and daily basis as well as provide you with a wide choice of cars collections of all classes and find the perfect car for your journey.

Required Documents

As mentioned above, you must show a credit card in your name while using a credit card to hire a vehicle. You’ll still be required, however, to provide additional documents. Both involve a valid driver’s license, as well as a secondary photo recognition form. If you had arranged your reservation online, you will be asked to present confirmation of your reservation. Although certain UAE car rental companies may insist on a hard copy of your proof of booking, most would only be happy with a screenshot.


A credit card promotes the ways to help you reach your dream place in a low budget. So, rent a cheap car in Dubai on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and overcome the fright while renting a car and enjoy the untapped beauty of Dubai city without getting drown in debts.