Among the biggest challenges to construction comes dealing with steep slopes and difficult grades. There is an enormous concern for erosion and even planting complexities. A retaining wall is always the solution for such construction in these areas. This kind of wall easily holds back the earth and water. They also create a strong barrier to enhance the landscape making it successful and more functional.

Types of LandScaping and what situation they are good for, and the amount of work that goes into each of these:-

Gravity Retaining Wall

The most basic type of retaining walls, the gravity retaining wall uses a lot of weight and mass to hold the soil at bay. Since it’s totally about weight, these retaining walls allow for the most amount of variety in materials. Materials such as:- bricks, stones, pavers, and unmortared stone are just a few options available. Also, some may require a concrete footer to sit on.

Cantilevered Retaining Wall

It is also called a reinforced retaining wall from the steel bars that run through the concrete or the actual retaining wall. It goes into the ground supporting it in an “L” shape. The weight of the soil above it holds the slab down so hard that the wall cannot tip forward. This style is mostly used in commercial retaining walls for its strength. 

Sheet Piling Retaining Wall

This is another very basic kind of wall usually used when space is an issue. What happens is that a thin wall of steel, wood, or vinyl is driven directly into the soil. These pilings tend to only work in softer soils. Larger walls will always require additional anchoring to get support.

Anchored Retaining Wall

An anchored retaining wall will allow for a variety of retaining walls to be supported by anchors which are driven into the earth behind them and attached by cables or perhaps strips. This method can be used to provide additional support to any of the above options and is used for structurally thinner walls or where higher loads are poured.

Advantages of retaining walls

  • Protection from land erosion

Erosion is always a problem when the soil and all of its contents are washed down into water sewers and gutters. Erosion also holds a safety risk on steep slopes because the rushing water from above can destroy the land. Setting up retaining walls with a good drainage system can avoid these risks.

  • Adds value to your property

Adding retaining walls in Perth is an easy and affordable way to increase the value of property to a considerable extent. You can easily create a wall using natural materials in your residential gardens and add serenity to the space around your home. These valuable additions can significantly increase the market appeal of your house and turn it into a fortune.

  • Maintainable and durable

Retaining walls are extremely low maintenance, and hassle free. Once the wall is successfully built to your liking, you can leave it alone forever. Retaining walls made of natural materials such as rocks can withstand almost every harsh weather conditions. Building walls using natural materials means that you have used locally and cheaply available materials. Even in times of repair they won’t be a headache.