Concrete is one of the most long-lasting and economical building materials. That’s the reason you can find it being predominantly used around homes, in the form of driveways, patios, entryways, etc. So, in short, it’s an amazing material, affordable, durable, versatile, it’s all in one. It can also be customized in a number of ways to achieve the look you are aiming for. However, the happiness doesn’t last long. Eventually, your concrete driveway will be in need of some TLC.

Over the years, concrete can crack or chip. Most of the times, we tend to overlook the strength of concrete, and end up using it inappropriately. For example, a residential driveway isn’t meant for carrying heavy construction equipment. You should be avoiding the act of placing heavier items on the edge of your driveway. This area is usually the weakest, and could easily break off. The cracking of your concrete driveway could be due to a variety of reasons — settlement, overloading, faulty construction etc. But, no matter whichever reason it may be, you would need to go for concrete  repair services. Decorative Concrete is a Brisbane based concreter, and is basically a doctor for all your concrete driveway issues. They offer various services like concrete resurfacing, stencilling, and cleaning, resealing etc. at the most competitive rates.

How to go for efficient repairing of a concrete driveway:

A cracked exposed concrete driveway is a cause of headaches for homeowners, and leads to a loss in the structural integrity of the driveway. No matter what be the cause of the crack — drying, shrinkage, thermal factors, water seepage etc.– homeowners need to invest in making their driveway right. Rather than going for the heavy expenses of removing the concrete slab altogether, you could go for simple acts of repairing which can be completed over the weekend. So, let’s take a look at the following tips:

  • Inspect for irregularities: You need to begin your driveway repair with a thorough inspection of the driveway. You need to look for trouble spots like oily patches, crumbing portions, potholes, cracks etc. You need to pay close attention to the edges of the driveway, as well as those spaces where the vehicles are mostly parked.
  • Clean it off: After you have noted down the irregularities to be fixed, you can start your work by scrubbing away all oil stains, gasoline patches, etc. using a hard bristle brush, hot water and soap. In case of stubborn stains, you need to get your hands on an industrial degreaser.
  • Mend the cracks: Next, before repairing the cracks, you need to make sure that the surface is free of all kinds of weed and wild growing plants, their roots or rots etc. Now, you need to fill in the potholes and cracks before the ultimate sealing process. For smaller cracks, you could use concrete caulking. Filling these gaps will stop debris and dirt from getting into the cracks and settling there. The larger cracks could be repaired by filling in with a concrete patch kit.
  • Colour stain: Now, post the crack repairing process, the concrete might look unattractive. In order to cover the repaired cracks and give a presentable look to the driveway, you could use colour stain.
  • Sealing: And finally, we come to the last step of the repair process. First, clean the entire driveway with the help of a pressure washer or a hose which will clear off all the remaining debris. Then you need to apply a good quality concrete sealer on the entire driveway and avoid doing it if the weather is grim. Choose a sealer that dries up in at most three days, and a dry, warm weather will help in that. Ensure to apply two thin coats rather than a single coat to ensure maximum effectiveness.

So, with the help of these tips, you can repair and protect your concrete driveway from stains and other kinds of damage. It’s not at all a costly task, but is a rewarding one. You simply need to follow the steps, and your driveway will be sustained for years to come.