Running a business? Don’t forget that one of the most important factors to a successful business is cleanliness. Clean and tidy business premises are an absolute necessity for many reasons. It impacts your employees and is vital if you work in retail or catering. Here are the various reasons keeping your premises orderly is essential for your business.

Employee Productivity

Cleanliness isn’t just for image. Studies have shown that a clean environment makes employees more productive. This seems like common sense. After all, who would want to work in dirty premises? The effects can be significant, though. A study on office workers concluded that a clean office could improve productivity by 5%. Just think of that as a profit margin.

Some workplaces get their employees involved in the cleaning by asking them to clean up work areas themselves. This can improve productivity in a sense, and reduce it in another. Having a dedicated cleaner do the job means employees can focus on their primary role and leave the cleaning to a professional.

A cleaning specialist will know how to make the premises particularly clean and tidy. For that reason, it’s best to look into commercial janitorial services to boost the productivity of your entire business.

Customer Feedback

Cleaning is essential for every business. But it is particularly important if you will have customers on your premises. For offices that bring in important clients to sell to, think about how a messy work environment might affect their mind-set. It makes your business look less professional and organized and can stop you from making a sale.

It’s even more important for retail stores. If shoppers walk into an unclean store, 18% of them will leave if it is unclean. Customers are also more likely to return to a store with a clean shop front. If your premises are unclean, they will think your products are unclean too.

No one wants filthy or smelly clothing, and they especially don’t want dirty groceries. When it comes to food services, it becomes even more crucial. No one will want to eat from your restaurant or takeaway if it is unclean.

Adhere To Health And Safety

There are health and safety laws in place for various businesses, and a messy work environment never helps.

Restaurants are routinely inspected for good hygiene. Your food hygiene rating will be put on the front of your premises and let customers know whether they should come in at all. A low rating can be a complete business killer, so keep your restaurant clean both in the front and back.

There are health and safety measures all kinds of businesses need to follow. For offices, things like excessive wires to trip over or cause electrical problems are considered a risk. By keeping the premises tidy, you reduce problems like this and make sure you’re following health and safety.

Health and safety faults can also make you liable. If a customer slips in your store because there was a spill on the floor, you could find yourself getting sued. Make sure to have your premises well-maintained at all times. You can learn more about health and safety laws for businesses here.