Wedded bliss is the dream, but it’s not always the reality. All married couples go through rough patches. Having these problems is not a bad thing, but couples need to know how to identify them. Then, they need to understand the best possible remedies. Here are four common issues among married couples.

Taking Each Other for Granted

One of best parts of marriage is the familiarity. In a close union, both people will feel like they can be themselves around their partner. While predictability and familiarity is necessary, too much of it can be bad. If a married couple takes each other for granted, it can just lead to further resentment. Examples of this include not taking the time to buy gifts for the other person or not participating in conversations. If the other person just seems like a roommate, it can make the intimacy that’s so crucial to marriage dissipate. Couples need to take time for one another. Even if it’s just a smile and kiss in the morning and at night, it can make a big difference.

Selfish Behavior

Being married means being part of a team. In order to have a strong relationship with your partner, you have to realize that it’s not about you. It’s also not about your partner. It’s about both of you working together to achieve a harmony. While there will need to be compromises made (such as moving when one partner gets a new job) no partner should have complete control. There should also be consideration of how individual behaviors are affecting the relationship. For instance, one partner looking at porn could be considered selfish if they’re doing so instead of being sexually intimate. Learning about how to quit porn can really help in such a relationship.

Lack of Honesty

Honesty should be a priority for any married couple. If you can’t be open with your partner, you have to ask yourself why exactly that is. This doesn’t just mean you shouldn’t lie to your partner. You should also tell them anything that is of dire importance. If you’re withholding information from them, it’s just as bad as lying. Furthermore, you should be honest with them when they ask you specific questions. You don’t want to shirk or minimize how you feel. You may want to lie for the sake of protecting your partner’s feelings. However, it’s disrespectful to them, because you’re demonstrating you can’t have an honest relationship with them. If you have something to share with your partner, you should do so immediately. There is such thing as being too honest, however. If you have differences of opinion about things that don’t matter, such as taste in entertainment, you should be respectful. Don’t be a pill to your partner and being rude about your differences in opinion.


A routine can be a wonderful thing. Having regular practices such as what you eat for breakfast or where you go for Valentine’s Day dinner is great. Unfortunately, a routine can become unhealthy when everything is a routine. When married couples go on autopilot, they lose passion, not only for the activities but also for each other. To bring spark back into a marriage, there needs to be a move away from routine. There should be a change of pace to some extent on a weekly basis. Having the experience of trying new things can really liven up a marriage.

In order for married couples to have harmony, both partners need to put in work. There must be a balance of effort. By following these tips, you can help bring a marriage back to life.