Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. There are some down periods, though, that feel like they’ll just never end. If your relationship is on the rocks, it makes sense to look for people who can help you through this tough time. Below are a few people who can help you to find the source of the problem.


Perhaps the most obvious solution towards finding out what’s wrong with your relationship is to visit a relationship counselor. These individuals specialize in helping people sort through their relationship problems, so they’ve probably seen situations like yours and have advice that can help. The only struggle with this option is that both partners need to be willing to let the counseling process work, which can be tough if you are already in a bad place. If your partner isn’t ready for couples therapy yet, you can also go on your own.

Relationship Advice Experts

If you’re looking for less specific advice, you may want to turn towards relationship advice experts. Whether online, through a newspaper column, or even on a podcast, there are plenty of experts out there who can give you hints and tips about how to better navigate your own relationship. While the advice you get here won’t be specific to your own relationship, it will tell you what you need to know to start investigating your own problems.


You might not immediately think of going to a psychic when you’re having relationship troubles, but they can be a good resource as well, whether or not you believe in psychic powers. This is because psychics are very good at reading people, so they can often help you isolate the source of the problem and help you untangle your feelings. Then they can give relationship advice based on what you learn.

Close Friends

Your friends and family can also be a good resource, at least if you talk to the right people at the right time. Your goal is to find someone who isn’t going to take sides, who will give you honest feedback, and who doesn’t have any kind of personal stake in your relationship. This can be tough to find, but talking to these friends from time to time can be very valuable. While their advice might not be professional, it will come from a place that you know you can trust.

Your Partner

The most important person to talk to about your relationship is your partner. No matter who else you talk to, this is the person with whom you must eventually communicate. Gather all of your information from the other parties, but make sure that you spend time talking to your partner to figure out what is on their mind and what you can do together to get back to a good place.

It’s always valuable to seek out ways to make your relationship better. Whether you talk to a professional or just a good friend, the right advice can play a huge role in saving your relationship. Though not all relationships are salvageable, it’s almost always worth the time to figure out if a relationship is worth the effort to save.