Common stereotypes for student-athletes are that they’re arrogant jocks who are so proud and full of themselves. But in reality, they are no different from the student body where they are also students who just incidentally joined an extra-curricular activity for owning special skills or talent in sports. And underestimating them should not be a consideration because another expertise they would probably all have is dating someone they like.


To know why they’re ideal partners in life, here are 5 top reasons and perks for dating a student-athlete.

1. Get shaped

Getting insecure about how you look is undoubtedly a natural thing, and even more if you’re dating a student-athlete who has a fit body. And he/she may also encourage or invite you to do physical activities together like exercising or playing sports as a way of enjoying your bonding time. And without you noticing, you could also get yourself in good shape and live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Because of this, the fluttering of your heart is not the only part that is exercised but your whole body for a better you inside and out.

2. Gain your number 1 fan

As athletes constantly receive loud cheers and support from the audience or fans, they then know the feeling of being recognized and cared. For learning about the importance and impact of getting gratification from other people, athletes do not have a hard time cheering for other people as well, especially if it is someone they treasure.

Acknowledge them well for who they are and what they do, and they can absolutely return you with a bigger support with loads of love and appreciation for everything you do for him/her.

3. Enjoy less drama

Because athletes are trained hard to be strong physically and emotionally especially during game times, dating a student-athlete means lesser drama as they became indifferent to small issues. They are also not very sensitive who can accept criticisms as they believe that everything is for their personal improvement and experience to learn from.

Although they may tend to be blunt at times to unintentionally hurt your feelings, know that they don’t mean to harm you but are just being honest. And what more if they are studying from a law school? They certainly would not entertain silly and unnecessary concerns in life. And remember, it is much better to be with an honest partner than a liar for the relationship to work and last.

4. Live an adventurous and exciting relationship

Dating a student-athlete truly may be a privilege as you get to enjoy several perks like popularity and free game tickets. But more than those petty things, going out with a student-athlete would immediately point to living with fun, adventure and excitement together. Since they have a brave heart to take on anything that they gained from practices and games, they are not far from bringing you to daring places and challenging activities like cliff diving in Boracay in the Philippines.

Getting bored with him/her would only happen when pigs fly, so let yourself free and just enjoy every moment with him/her.

5. Expect an unwavering commitment

Just like how student-athletes are serious and passionate about their role and responsibilities in games, you don’t have to worry about their dedication to you or to your relationship because once they’re into something, they sure know how to take care and work hard on it.


Failure is not an option and this thinking and attitude applies to everything in their life. Expect them to have an unwavering commitment because what they would only always wish and work for is to be successful, including the relationship they dedicated themselves into. Given these perks, you may now get rid of the common perceptions about them and overcome your fear in dating student-athletes because they are indeed special in their own unique way.