Breakups just stink. When your heart is broken, it would seem that all sad love songs playing over the radio are made for you—even aggravating the pain that is already burning inside. Especially when it’s your first heartbreak, moving on and getting through it would be most difficult. Where you do seek comfort? Who do you turn to? How do you manage to deal with it?

1. Be an expert at something.

To forget about your past relationship, you should concentrate on your passion. It can be baking, drawing, or learning a new language. Think of things you have always wanted to do and be good at it. Master the craft as an afterschool activity, or invite your friends to join you in developing new skills. In this way, you will build more self-confidence and find yourself back again. Remember that you are already complete and you don’t need another person to complete the puzzle in you.

2. Join a club.

There are so many organizations you can be active in college. Go to your professional org or sign up as a contributor in your university paper. If you are in a medical school in the Philippines, it can be worth your time to volunteer as a trainee in hospitals so you can help more people in need while building up your experience in the medical field. Joining clubs can also make you forget the past and aches in the heartbreak. This is a positive move for you to let go and embrace new friendships you will gain along the way.

3. Spend more time with your friends.

If you have been in a relationship for the longest time, it would be the perfect chance for you to reconnect with your best buds. Host a dinner party at your house, watch movies together, or go to a spa on a weekend after finishing schoolwork. College should be all about celebrating adulthood and you can also have fun trips out of town in the weekends rather than lurk in the dark alone at home.

4. Start a journal.

If you’re the type who cannot easily open up to friends regarding your hurt feelings, it may be a better deal to talk to yourself to have a better understanding of the situation and move on. Writing on a journal can truly put the burden off your chest. Putting your thoughts out and clearing your mind by letting go of words will also help you become calmer and feel good.

5. Subscribe to a gym.

Working out and having exercise routines will help release stress and keep off your thoughts and emotions in circles. After the breakup, you can focus on becoming the better you by improving your looks and body shape. Accept what happened and move forward by completing hardcore workout sessions. You will feel happy when releasing endorphins from the exercise.


There are more ways on how to deal with college heartbreaks, but it is most important to have a positive attitude. As a college student, studying smart and perking up your skills to be stronger in life is best. Know that you deserve better and there will be more people who have a worthy place in your heart.