If you’re in the recovery stages of an illness or a bout of long-term health problems and you are facing a period of recuperation, you may be feeling less energetic and a little out of shape. If so, the thought of getting back into your usual exercise routine can seem quite daunting at this stage.

You may have been bedridden, or unable to exercise on doctors’ orders, for some of this time out, meaning that long stretch ahead of you seems an almost impossibility, especially if you find yourself out of breath when performing the most minimal of tasks.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race :

The key to working up your health and fitness levels again in moderation. The body will not respond well to extreme bouts of exercising after an extended period of inactivity, so you have no other choice than to get back into your routine at a slower pace than usual, taking it day by day and starting small.

There are however several techniques you can employ to get back on track safely as well as begin losing any weight you may have put on during your spate of illness:

Reduce Your Calorie Intake :

One of the quickest ways of getting a healthy eating plan back on track, and losing some of the weight you may have gained through your inactive period, is to reduce your daily calorie intake. Look at tips for losing 10kg in one month with no exercise and hacks whereby you can immediately start reducing your consumption, but doing so healthily.

Plan a Course of Action :

For a new plan to work effectively, planning it ahead of time and writing it down gives you something to refer to regularly. Plan a succession of weeks and pin them up somewhere you can see and refer to them each day, therefore giving you no excuse to divert from your desired goals.

Consider Health Rather Than Looks :

Make improving your overall health a priority here, rather than losing weight or toning up just to look good. Your physical appearance will take shape quickly once you put your plan in place, but good health should be your first concern.

Increase Your Momentum as Time Goes On :

Once you know what your body can readily achieve, you can work on increasing the momentum of your fitness routine, ensuring you don’t overwork yourself too early. Build up your activities each day to strengthen your body, carefully.

Don’t Expect Results Overnight :

The key to success is not to expect instant results. If your body has been through a particularly trying period, it’ll take time to get your fitness levels back again, while getting to a weight you feel comfortable with.

Celebrate the Small Things :

Finally, celebrate those small milestones. It’s worth remembering how far you have come and signaling each success, no matter how small, can sometimes be all the inspiration that you need. Keep in mind where you once were, a few months back, and where you are now.

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