Delhi is undoubtedly one of the most important tourist locations, apart from being the capital of the country. Besides the different corporate companies and business establishments located here, it is also the political center, where all important decisions related to the country are taken and implemented. Also, this country has always been considered the center of attractions and an important political capital, since ages, due to its strategic location.

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Many foreigners have come and invaded this place and tried to take control of this region, since it is from here that the kings and emperors ruled over the land. This city was also the capital of the great Mughals and that of the British. After independence, it retained its prominence and significance as free India’s capital. Besides this, there are also various reasons for the tourists to feel lured to come down to this place to relax and enjoy themselves thoroughly.

Why visit Delhi?

If the person has not visited and seen Delhi in person, then he simply has seen nothing. It is considered to be among the most captivating of all metropolises in entire Asia. Rather, this Indian capital has always been on the must visit list among travelers not only from the country, but coming from all parts of the world. It is popular among those tourists who are more inclined towards culture and history. Getting the best tour package, the tourist can get to enjoy and experience the very best with regards to cultural treat, thrilling historical excursion, rewarding dining and shopping and pulsating nightly shows. Besides this, tourists can also get to taste the popular street food in chandni chowk. Chandni chowk famous food can be found of different varieties and the menu prepared is from all corners of the country and even international cuisines are found.

The amazing places of interest

  • Unending entertainment: This city boasts of having gardens and parks in galore, where families can rejuvenate and relax themselves, escaping from their otherwise busy lives. Also, are present numerous clubs, discotheques, golf courses, theatres and other exciting places, where people of all ages can indulge in. The hotels here also offer wonderful accommodations suiting to the preferences, moods and budget of the traveler.
  • Shopping: If the person is a shopping freak, then the numerous malls and street hawkers selling a variety of clothes, apparel, accessories, electronic items and other items is sure to interest them. Shopping here can be termed to be a real rewarding experience, since the shopper can avail endless of options and get to enjoy buying things that are not only reasonably priced, but also sure to fascinate the buyer and can be gifted to anyone back home. One can come across shopping malls that are of world class, lively local markets, street side vendors and gleaming departmental stores which cater to the different needs and requirements of the shopaholics.

In short, doing a research about the region and the different places of interest in Delhi and its outskirts is sure to help the tourist to get to enjoy the maximum.