Wax representations have been around for centuries. And these mannequin statues were a form of entertainment or appreciation towards someone. Having a wax twin can turn out to be quite a unique experience, which is why we’ve created this article. Let’s see why do you need a wax doppelganger and how this art of waxreplicas appeared in the first place.

Life Size Human Sculptures of Eminence Mark Zuckerberg

What is the history of wax statues?

Wax figures of gods were used in funeral sites of the ancient Egyptians to accompany the loved ones on to the other world. Nowadays, you can admire such wax counterparts in museums, as archaeologists excavated several Egyptian graves.

These mannequin statues were also documented in Ancient Greece, were wax sculptures served the purpose of dolls for children. The Romans used wax representations to create masks for patrician families. Their role was to be displayed and carried on ceremonial events, including funeral processions.

But the wax statues that we know today appeared in the Renaissance Era in Italy. Here wax representations were used as an artistic effect, and several sculptors, such as Michelangelo or Giovanni da Bologna, used wax counterparts before making their actual statues.

In the 18th century, wax portraits appeared in England and started the trend of wax museums, which we can still admire today. The purpose was to create an exhibition of a wax replica of ordinary and famous people to reveal a sculptor’s skills.

Why do you need a wax statue?

Well, no matter if you want to have your own image in the form of a wax representation, or you are merely looking for a wax statue of a beloved celebrity, there are many motives why you should do so.

#1 You can get close to your favorite star

Having a wax representation can be a dream come true for those that don’t manage to get up close to their beloved celebrity. Also, the craftsmanship of a wax doppelganger creator will make the experience as genuine as possible.

#2 It is a fun experience

If you opt for creating your own wax twin, we guarantee you will have the funniest experience ever. The process of creating a mannequin statue involves a lot of steps, which will make you involved in the creation of your wax doppelganger. Photographs of yourself, body measurements, or any other bodily details need to be documented by sculptors so that you receive the best wax statue.

#3 It is a one-in-a-lifetime experience

You can even develop a new business project and create your first wax doppelganger museum. And you can achieve this if you opt for professional wax representation services. We can say for sure this is a unique business initiative that can entice even the choosiest customer you will have.

Wax Figure of Bill Gates at Wax Museum

Where to get the best wax statue?

So, our suggestion is to opt for a professional wax statue manufacturer. In this way, you will be guaranteed the best results, without hassle, and with the most qualitative craftsmanship. And, if you haven’t visited their museum yet, we recommend the team of artists at Grand Orient WaxArt.

These people are the best in the field of wax sculptures, and they distribute their products all around the world. Still, if you have doubts about their craftsmanship, you can always check their portfolio or wax statues museum.

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