Given the difficulty in hiring physicians, you have to make sure that you don’t settle for anything less. You have to be aggressive in your quest to find the best person for the job. Remember that you’re also competing against other local hospitals. There are only a few doctors who qualify each year and are willing to work in your area, but the demand is always high. Being aggressive means that you have to go beyond your usual hiring strategy if you want only the best doctors to work with you.

Don’t be satisfied with online applications

It’s easy to post a job vacancy online. Given the various platforms available, you can tell everyone that you need more doctors to work in the medical facility. The problem is that you might not get the best people from these applications. Considering how high the demand for licensed physicians is, no good doctor will settle for online submissions unless they’re really passionate about working in a specific hospital. The ones you will get from these online submissions might not necessarily be the right people. It means that you need to be more aggressive, by headhunting. You need to attract even those who are already working for other hospitals. You can still convince them to transfer to your hospital if you have better offers. Of course, it’s not easy to do the job yourself. But you can rely on a recruitment firm like to help out.

Recruitment firms are an advantage

Your HR team might be good, but it’s not enough if the goal is to hire medical professionals of top-caliber. You still need to work with recruitment firms specializing in the recruitment of physicians and other people in the medical field. They have a more aggressive process in hiring. They also have a tough selection process. They won’t settle for anyone they won’t be proud to present to you. In the end, you still decide if you will hire the person they gave to you. The good thing is that given the tough screening process, you can count on that person to be perfect for your team.  By working closely with other medical recruitment firms, not only can we ensure the highest quality candidates for specific positions, we are also able to ensure that potential recruits are well cared for with the very best guidance for their future career development.

You can’t relax

Given the tough competition in this industry, you can’t relax. You also can’t go too slow, or else other hospitals will take away the best candidates. It also means that you must have a better selling point. Salary is a good starting place, but it’s not the only way for you to convince physicians to accept the job.

Apart from being aggressive in your campaign, you also have to make sure that the existing physicians won’t think about leaving your team. You might not be aware of what other hospitals are doing. They might try to take away your best doctors to work for them.

Rethink your strategies now and always have the best interests of your patients in mind. You’re not only hiring these physicians to make more profit but to also provide better care for your patients.