Every 9 out of 10 people in this modern world have one thing in common, and that is the lower back pain. Lower back pain or a low backache is a growing problem these days which can affect the victims in several ways. Pain in the lower back often leads to nerve-related problems, irregular bowel movements and a lot of other assorted diseases or disorders. So, if you are feeling lower back ache constantly – no matter it is severe or mild – contact a physician soon to solve this issue otherwise you may suffer for the lifetime from acute back pain. Those, who have to perform jobs by sitting on a chair, are considered to be highly vulnerable to lower a backache.

What Causes Back Ache?

Salient reasons can cause a backache or lower back pain. Different people may feel such disorders due to various reasons. Sportspersons often have lower back pain due to several reasons. Starting to play by skipping warm-up session is heinous and a prominent cause for chronic back pain. Irregular exercises are other causes behind lower backache. It is obvious for the sportspersons to spend heavy exercising sessions on a daily basis so that their body remains flexible, fit and healthy. Skipping the hardworking exercise session will surely invoke the chances of suffering from lower back pain.

Women also face lower back pain quite often, and the latest trend of fashion can be held as responsible for that to some extent. Pencil heel or high heel shoes always put a lot of pressure on the back, no matter how comfortable you are with them. Not only high heel shoes or sandals, but flat heel shoes or sandals can cause similar sorts of damages to your back. While studying symptoms of lower back pain, it has been found that from teenager to old women – all are vulnerable to lower back pain. Lack of calcium in the body is another reason behind chronic back pain for the women. As calcium is considered as an essential body element, which keeps our bones strong as well as healthy, it is crucial to saving the body from calcium deficiency.

Different Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Regular pain on the back, no matter mild or harsh, is the common symptom of lower back pain. Those, who have lower back pain, are often found to be suffering from a lot of stress or anxiety. Such a person often has insomnia or lack of sleep. Moreover, they also lose focus in workplaces, due to the constant pain in the back. These are some of the general symptoms of lower backache. Apart from these irregular bowel movements or painful bowel movement is also a symptom of back pain.  Those, who suffer from back pain, are noted to be the victims of digestive disorders, like constipation. These are some of the general symptoms of lower back pain.

Treatment of Back Pain

To treat lower back pain effectively, it is essential to get in touch with Finger Lakes Orthopedics. Not only medications but regular exercises, different therapies and proper posture maintaining will help to omit this problem from your life.

When it comes to hiring an orthopedic physician, make sure that you get the best services without worrying about the fee and other related expenses. After all, health is wealth!