If just the mere thought of carrying a life inside you for nine months gives you chills and literally scares the hell out of you, your on the right track. Pregnancy can be tiring, scary. Hectic, chaotic and painful, but at the same time, it is beautiful, wonderful and magical to realise that you have the happiest excuse for being weird at times. Once you are pregnant you will be bombarded with whole lots of tips and knowledge about being pregnant and what comes along with it. However, there are a few things which no one bothers to tell the mama bear and that is where we step in. To familiarise you with the realities of pregnancy, here’s an article which you will absolutely enjoy.

1. It’s okay to hate people for rubbing your belly unnecessarily

Yes, it’s super annoying when strangers want to touch your belly and rub and feel it like it’s their personal property. Well, it’s okay to say- back off people! (politely, maybe). Talking with strangers about pregnancy can give you good feeling about being pregnant, but when they get touchy, it can be heartburning instead of heartwarming. It’s okay to feel weird at such times and if it gets on your nerves, try to calmly divert their attention to other interesting stuff.

2. Not eating for two should be the motto

You must have heard it long before you were pregnant that during the nine months when a baby is developing inside you, you have to eat for two people and not  just one. Well, that’s a myth ladies! Do not forget that the baby inside you is very small and he can easily survive and grow on what you eat to fill your stomach. Overeating with the thought that your child needs it will make you nauseated and will create numerous complications at the time of delivery as well.

3. Chills and hot flashes are common

This is very common to happen when you are pregnant. In your first trimester, you will be extremely cold for no reason and that is when you will feel the need to wear all the sweaters at once. However, as you proceed in your second and third trimester, you will forget what cold feels like because you will be having hot flashes like crazy! Hormonal changes will make you sweat more and feel hot almost all the time.

4. Be prepared for uncontrollable emotions

Once you have delivered your child with the help of birth doula Melbourne, be prepared to go on a roller coaster ride of uncontrollable emotions. You will be lashing out at people for no reason, you might be annoyed most of the time and if you feel that you are bonded with your child yet, it will drive you crazy because of all the hormonal changes. All you have to remember at that time is that this too shall pass! Try to focus on your diet, body and the baby’s needs and let your partner support you and you will be back to normal in no time.

5. Maternity clothes are life savers

It’s absolutely imperative that you stop trying to fit in your skinny jeans by squeezing yourself into it. Pregnancy is meant to be relaxing and pampering and it is not possible without maternity clothes. There are numerous stores which now deal in stylish and quirky maternity wear so head out and buy yours to enjoy your special time comfortably.

6. Sex? What is that?

Well if you have been pregnant for a just a month or less, then you might not get the hang of it right now, but soon you will. Your hormonal and body changes will make you feel like sex is an alien thing to you and that it should remain that way till you are pregnant. The sex drive will be gone for a long spin and all you could possibly thing about will be what to eat.

For all the special care that you need for your delivery, make sure that you hire birth doula services in Melbourne and let the experts take care of you. For the nine month period before the delivery, embrace the points mentioned above and you will surely have the best time being pregnant.