Ranikhet is a little and picturesque hill town located in the lap of Kumaon hills in Uttarakhand. The place is known to be one of the best offbeat destinations for honeymoon .you can spend memorable intimate time with your soul mate owing to the serene and romantic strolls all along the pine-shaded trails. Being a famous hill station, there are many places of interest in Ranikhet. Below we have listed for you ten must do things in Ranikhet for memorable vacations:

Upat Golf Course

Upat Golf course in Ranikhet recognized as  one of the highest golf courses in Asia and is also known as Ranikhet Golf Course. It is located just six kilometers away from Ranikhet, and it displays well-manicured green grass along with glorious views of majestic Himalayan ranges. If you are into golf, then you should not miss this place where you can enjoy the natural beauty along with a fantastic game. The Upat golf course in Ranikhet is beautifully designed and used by army men. The golf course is opened for general public as well.

Witness and enjoy at Nanda Devi Fair

One of the chief attractions of Ranikhet is Nanda Devi Fair which is held at Nanda Devi Temple in Almora. The place is about fifty kilometers away from Ranikhet, and this Mela is organized in the month of September. The Nanda Devi fair is considered to bring the prosperity to the Kumaon region people and lasts for three days. This is amongst the must-see events in Ranikhet as you can get an insight into the cultural prosperity of the region and can also shop many handmade products by the village craftsmen. You can also see the magnificent performances by local artists who uphold fold traditions and dance programmes.

Visit Dwarahat

Dwarahat is the best place to visit in Ranikhet for an ancient temples tour. Located 37 kilometers from Ranikhet the place is famous for 55 ancient temples. It is a small place and means the way to heaven. You will feel the closeness to God when you visit Dwarahat in Ranikhet. Among 55 ancient temples, some have great archeological value as these were constructed in Mary-Pratihara, Indo-Aryan or Nagara type. Ancient temples of Dwarahat were built by Katyuri kings, and the architecture of these temples was same as that of the Gurjari school of Art.  The place also is known as a famous centre of education in Kumaon as it has an engineering college and a polytechnic institute along with many schools.

Indulge yourself in some adventurous activities

Ranikhet is very famous for its natural beauty, but apart from this, the place has many things to offer. You can enjoy many adventurous activities in Ranikhet as this is the best place for visitors of all age groups. You can enjoy many activities in Ranikhet such as Day hikes to jungles, meadows, temples and many hidden villages, rock climbing and rappelling, mountain biking trails, Paragliding, day picnics, campfires and games, short treks for one to three days in the central Himalayas and many more. Trekking is one of the best leisure activities to do in Ranikhet. You can also indulge yourself in nature walks as it is the best way to explore the natural beauty of Ranikhet. If you are fond of fishing, then you can also enjoy doing it at Bhalu Dam in Ranikhet.

Enjoy charming views of Majkhali

Majkhali is a charming village just about 13 kilometers away from Ranikhet, known for enchanting views of Mount Trishul and Nanda Devi. Majhkali is the best place to witness scenic views and is not only famous for its scenic beauty but also well known or it’s Goddess Kali Temple. It is also known as the best picnic spot in Ranikhet and also a perfect spot to view the great Himalayas

Sunrise at Sitlakhet

Sitlakhet is a unique location and a hilltop campsite which offers a commanding view of Nanda Devi among other Himalayan peaks.  The place allows trekking trails, mountain biking tracks as well as rock faces and is well known for its dreamy floating in the clouds view. We can say that Sitlakhet is a jewel nestled in the midst of Kumaon Himalayan peaks. It also recognized as the unspoiled tourist location in Ranikhet which is also untouched by any kind of commercial activity. The place is a haven for nature lovers and holidaymakers. The beauty of this place cannot be described in words as it is the best place to spend a peaceful holiday along with nature.

Ranikhet is also known as Queen’s meadow and is a mesmerizing hill station in Uttarakhand. The town is a symbol of love and thus recognized as the best place for newlywed couples. Owing to its natural beauty and tranquility Ranikhet also becomes one of the favorite tourist spots of India.