If there’s someone who is busy as of late, is good Dallas movers, and there is absolutely no question as to why. The Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex has experienced the largest growth out of any metropolitan area in the United States. What exactly is the reason so many families are planting roots Dallas, Fort Worth, and its surrounding areas, and why should you consider bolstering a future for your family there as well? Here is a list of five reasons to help aid you in your decision.


Education and Job Growth

Topping off the list are two major factors for any family to consider when contemplating relocation. Most parents are not only concerned with the quality of education their children will receive, but what the job market may look like for their loved ones upon graduation. In Texas, higher education and career stability go hand in hand. Because the Texas job market is coupled with over ten schools on Forbes America’s top colleges list, and with four of them being in the top 100, you can rest assured that your children’s future is more than secure.


Expert economist Keith R. Phillips, vice president of the San Antonio branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, has stated “The Texas economy is firing on all cylinders going into 2018.” This may be partially due to the upward job growth of 4.0% in January 2018, followed directly by a job growth of 3.2% in February.

No State Income Taxes

Texas does not collect state income tax from individuals. While you may be asking yourself what the catch is, it should be noted that your personal, non-profit generating vehicles will not generate a property tax either. Although states without a state income tax generally find other ways to make up the deficit, usually through higher sales tax rates, Texas is not even within the top ten states of high income tax rates.


Texas is not as Hot as You Have Heard

Dallas weather averages an annual high of 77.1 degrees Fahrenheit, and an annual low of only 51.5 degrees Fahrenheit. With precipitation at a lower average, humidity doesn’t play a major role either. This leaves the annual temperature average in Dallas Texas at only 64.3 degrees Fahrenheit! July and August are usually in the nineties, but a steady decline in temperature almost always comes with September weather.


Integrative Culture

No matter what your background is, Texas is held together by the code of true southern hospitality. People from many different walks of life have found the peaceful nature of Texas comforting.


The personal-finance website wallethub.com posted a report dated March 20, 2018 that shows two of the cities in the Dallas, Fort Worth area made the top ten list of the happiest cities in the U.S. Both Plano, and Grand Prairie Texas rest on the fringes of the city of Dallas. They placed 5th and 10th respectively.


Only in Texas

Every state is unique, and there are many reasons to hang your hat wherever you may choose. But if you are in serious consideration of finding a new home, keep Texas in mind and it will work its way into your heart.


There is something for everyone in Texas. If education and job growth are what matter to you, remember that you can find both to be more than accommodating here. The weather is nice, and you will find it easy to blend in regardless of your background due to its integrative culture. Home is where the heart is, and we hope to find yours here in Texas.