Who does not love a long drive? But wait, for that you need to know driving and pass the driving test! Do you know how to drive? If, not you need to start taking your driving lessons as soon as you reach the legal age. An important question is where do you take the lessons from? Remember, that when you take the helm of the steering wheel, you also take a huge responsibility on your hands, so you need to get top-notch lessons.

Melbourne has driving schools, which are high grade! You just need to enrol in one, that caters to your needs. Wait one second! Are you thinking of calling an uncle, friend or colleague? Whoa hold up! You need to rethink and analyze the two situations, because one will be beneficial, while the other could lead you towards failure.

Professional Driving Classes VS Private Driving Classes

First things first, there is nothing called private classes in driving! The driving schools do not offer private lessons! By private lessons, we mean the lessons that you learn from relatives and acquaintances. Do you really think that the private lessons are better than the ones from instructors at a driving school? If, you think that private lessons are better, then you need to see the two aspects side by side:

“Private” Driving Lessons: You reach the age of driving and find that your Uncle Joe is ready to give you driving lessons for free!  Wow, a once in a lifetime offer, right? Well, no! Do not try to take lessons from a regular driver. It might seem like a profitable scheme! You pay nothing, but get driving lessons in return! You need to ask some questions and the answer will help you reach to a proper conclusion.

1. Does the Uncle Joe or acquaintance/relative, have any idea about the latest change in the driving regulations?

2. Do they know the latest driving test regulations and highway codes?

Only a driving instructor can know about such changes! How can someone, who has already passed their driving test, know about the latest regulations? If, you still want “private” driving lessons, then start searching for someone, who passed the driving test one day before! But, in that case as well, by the time you finish your driving lessons and are ready for the test, there might have been more changes. Do you really want to go into the driving test not knowing what the structure of the test might be? Definitely not! Hence, it is always a wise decision to attend driving school!

Driving Lessons from Trained Instructors at Driving Schools: If, you go to search for a driving instructor on your own, it could be a difficult task. Worst case scenario includes being duped by a fake instructor! The best option would be to find a reputed driving school and enrol with them. They perform the necessary tests and shortlist only the best driving instructors. Here are just some of the perks of enrolling under top grade driving instructors:

1. The instructors are qualified and experienced.

2. They have dealt with worst case scenarios in a driving lesson and will make sure that you get the best instructions and help you in all possible situations.

3. Making mistakes is natural for a new driver, who is taking his/her lessons. An instructor from a driving school takes the student out in a dual controlled car that eliminates the chance of mistakes and accidents.

Can you now differentiate black from white? Have you understood the perks of attending a driving school? If, you have not, then God help you! The learners, who have understood the actual benefits of taking the driving lessons from a proper school, will definitely speed up and reach your goal of becoming a top-notch driver.