Life is all about creating memories and cherishing them. Every parent wants to celebrate their child’s essential occasions most beautifully, whether it’s a small evening treat to friends or a grand celebration. A kid’s party, just like any other event requires thorough planning in advance. Being organized and investing some energy and time can make big differences. You can end up cleaning a considerable mess or sleep peacefully in the night with the satisfaction of good event management.

In today’s world, the concept of nuclear families and working parents have phenomenally risen. That leaves the parents with no time to engage in planning as well as executing larger events. It has paved the way for the rise of children party planning services. Professional party planners not only manage and execute your parties with ease, but they also ensure that at the end of the day, you wind up with you some beautiful memories.

Whether you are planning an event yourself or in collaboration with children’s party management companies, you must consider certain tips before you move ahead. Mentioned below are a few tips on hosting children’s parties.

  1. Deciding on a party budget: Setting a budget before venturing into any event hosting is essential. A budget draws a line on expenditures, thus disallowing you from regretting later. A budget depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the event and the inputs given by your child if he or she is old enough to speak its mind. Knowing how much to spend on every aspect of the party can help you keep a self-check. So, if you want a Barbie print tablecloth for your little daughter’s birthday party, and if you have a set budget for it, you will invest slightly more energy into finding out the affordable alternatives instead of settling for impulse purchasing. Inputs from your child can help you decide on the scale and theme of the party, which can be important deciding factors for your event budget.

2.Set out a date and decide on invitation formats:Set an appointment well in advance. Kids mostly go out during holidays or weekends. There might be certain days when the schools don’t allow to party. Exams or tests might be around the corner. Your kid’s best buddies might not be available on specific dates. Vacations are the time when most of the kids are not at home. The venue where you want to host the party may not be available on the specific date. Keep these factors in mind, so that your child doesn’t end up missing out on any of its friends.

Deciding on time is also crucial. Whether you want the party to last for a couple of hours or you are planning for a sleepover for your kid’s friends, pre-decide it and make it clear to the parents.  Send out invitations in 4-6 weeks advance. Parents need to be equally free on your party date. Use recycled paper or send out e-invites or online messages. Send out save-the-date reminder e-mails. Online invite themes offer a range of options to choose from.

3. Deciding on the guest list: It is must for you to know with whom your kid has been making friends with. For little ones, it gets challenging to ascertain. Kids more than 5 years of age can still help you. Also, be clear in your invites about whether you are also inviting parents and siblings or if it is only a children’s party. It will help to decide how much food you need to prepare and the size of guests you will have to entertain.

 4. Deciding on the party theme:A theme can give your planning a smooth start. Is there any particular TV show that your kid has been regularly watching or any cartoon character that your kid is too fond of? Does your kid have any favorite color or does any superhero fascinates them? Discuss this and set a theme. Some of the standard and tested themes are a princess, Disney, toy story, superheroes, pirates and animals. Some out-of-the-box ideas could be swimming pool, movie halls, skating rinks, soft toys or pottery class’ environment.

 5. Deciding on the food menu: Hungry children are equal to grumpy children is equivalent to a headache. Choosing on the food is essential because it’s the kids that you will be feeding. Hence balancing junk food items with healthy ones is necessary. Try to cut out sandwiches in attractive and cute shapes. Make the muffins and cupcakes as colorful as you can. Try to avoid fizzy beverages. Try out juices or some sugar-free healthy drinks. Serve the food on beautiful platters. Some of the popular party foods for kids are pizza triangles, sandwiches, jellies, cupcakes, muffins, custard, pudding, crisps, vegetables with cheesy dip, biscuits and cookies and of course the cake. Don’t mind asking the parents to carry leftover food instead of disposing of them.

 6. Deciding on party games and entertainment: The type of activities you choose depends on a lot of available space and venue. Whether it’s an enclosed space, a garden, a party venue, or your home, the space available lets you decide whether you can have only indoor games or outdoor games as well. For larger scale parties, you can hire entertainers such as clowns, magicians, puppet shows, face and tattoo painters, sports and drama coach. Some popular party games are ball pool, bungee run, pillow bash, bouncy boxing, and musical chairs.

 7.Deciding on the gifts: Gifts depend on the age of your kid’s friends. There can be a lot of gift ideas. From home-made desserts to soft toys, from movie passes to tickets to kid’s show, there is no end to innovation in gift ideas. Also, it will be very courteous if you can add a thank you note in each of the gift bags. Even better will be if your kid can personally handover the gifts with gratefulness. Avoid using plastic gift bags. Make wrappers or gift bags at home or with recycled paper, or merely color plain papers with different shades.

Planning, time and energy are the essential ingredients for making your child’s momentous occasion a memory to cherish forever.