The Australian government accepts a lot of visa applications every year from students across the world, wishing to come and study in Australia. The student visa subclass 500 application must fulfil all the requirements, such as type of study, age requirements, etc., to get sanctioned. To study in Australia, you would need a subclass 500, irrespective of which field you choose to study.

Initially, the visa comes under Immigration Risk, and students applying from various countries were categorized, under Assessment Level Framework. But according to the new guidelines, instead of the old process, you need to attain the requirements explained here. The requirements to be fulfilled for a student visa Adelaide is:



The nationality of the student is found out by looking at the passport. It does not matter from the student is applying for the visa, but the nationality is considered based on the passport.


Make the payment

Similar to any other documents, making a payment is also equally important. Till the time you clear the payment, your application form will not be taken by the Australian government. For that, the Immigration Agent Adelaide can guide you and tell the exact amount that you need to pay for a subclass 500. The payment is accepted in Visa, credit cards, American Express, etc. Alongside that, look at the currency conversion fees if you are making payments in dollars or euro.


Study requirements 

Basic study requirements are there that you need to attain to apply for the visa. Students enrolling for a full-time study are only eligible to apply for a visa subclass 500Those registering for distance learning and part-time courses are not eligible for this visa. Therefore, you need to check if the course that you have registered for is a full-time course.


GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)

If you wish to get an Australian visa subclass 500you must prove that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant. It means you should convince the higher authorities that you are visiting Australia only to study. Once your study is over, you will come back to your country. Based on that, your visa application will be accessed. Also, you need to provide a few things like:

  • Your home circumstances in your home country, which means your economic condition.
  • The value of the course that you have chosen
  • Opportunities for you in Australia
  • Your immigration history


Heath insurance and check-up

To get a student visa 500you need to provide information that you are in good health. For that, you need to provide a certificate of good health and it can only be provided by an impanelled doctor. Book an appointment with the medical facilities, and you will receive a HAP ID. While filling the application form, you need to provide the ID along with all other information. After that, go for a health check-up and keep all the information ready.

With a health check, you also need to get an OSHC (Overseas Students Health Cover) or a Health Insurance. When you are applying for an Australian student visa, you need to show the insurance details, and till the time it’s valid. Depending on the validity time, your visa’s last date can get affected.


The applicant’s character

Applicants applying for a subclass 500 student visa must provide a good character certificate that shows that you do not have any criminal case against you. Usually, a small declaration about the same will do.



Make sure that you have a passport, and it is valid for a long time. Otherwise, if it gets expired, it can be difficult for you to get renewed. In case any such situation arises, you can hire a migration consultant Adelaide who will guide you in that.


Confirmation of Enrolment Form (COE)

It is a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) that you will receive from an Australian school from you enrolled to study the course. Usually, the CoE is sanctioned after you have cleared your tuition fee.


Other documents 

The other documents that you need to give are degrees, diplomas, or certificates from schools from which you have completed your studies. Alongside that, the recent digital photographs, evidence of financial capacity, statement of purpose, etc.


English language requirements

If you want your Australian visa to get sanctioned without facing any rejection, provide proof of English language proficiency. It indicates that you need to pass an English test and attain the minimum marks to migrate and study in Australia. For IELTS, the minimum score to get an Australian student visa is 5.5 band. Apart from that, different other modules are also there through which you can get English language proficiency.


Enough funds to stay in Australia

You need to provide proofs that say you have enough funds to reside in Australia. The expenses include program opted, stay duration, overall travel expenses, cost of living, and more. The documents you need to provide here are money deposited in the Australian school, details of loans, scholarships, etc.


Meeting the character requirements

If you are above 16 years of age, make sure that you fulfil all the character requirements without fail. Answer the questions asked by professionals, provide a declaration form regarding criminal conduct, information requested Ministry of Home Affairs, police certificate, get a letter of conduct from an employer, fill form 80, etc. Make sure that you do not skip any of the documents; otherwise, your visa application will get rejected.


Signing off!

Now that you know all the requirements, it would not be difficult for you to apply for an Australian visa. Still, if you require some help, get in touch with the best migration agent Adelaide. The agents are highly trained, and they know everything regarding the visa process. As a result, you will not come across any uncertain situations while applying for the visa. It’s time to achieve our dream of studying in Australia. For that, the first step is to start with the requirements of the visa. Once you do that, you can get your visa sanctioned as soon as possible.