Wooden floors are always trending! Whether it’s on the décor sites under most searched flooring options, or it’s about the inquiries about maintaining it — there is always someone asking something about the wooden floors! This obviously proves its favouritism in the décor world. Though these are famous on a large scale even in commercial centres, you’ll still see a lot of people inquiring about the same for their domestic usages as well.

This leads to a long list of queries and questions that are on domestic usage and application of the wooden flooring. But some of the things about wooden flooring in Wellington from Native Grain Flooring are that it has a long life, great looks, and the best quality and provides a tough surface for your home. These are some of the qualities of wooden flooring of which you should always be sure of!

Some Questions You’d Want to Ask About Wooden Flooring!

As you are on this page, we know even you’d be eager to ask some important questions related to wooden flooring. That’s why we have compiled the most frequently asked ones about these, especially for homeowners. You can easily find the one you’re looking for below and get a quick answer to it.

1. Is Wooden Flooring Good for Homes With Pets and Kids?

Wooden floorings have a tough life. But they can be vulnerable to scratches. Thus, if you have pets and kids, go for the thickest form the wooden flooring option (that can endure frequent sanding and buffing) to enjoy its presence in your home.

2. Can I Install Wooden Floor Over Concrete, Ceramic or Other Such Surface

Yes, you can install them through gluing and other such latest procedures, but most experts don’t recommend it. The chances of moisture retention in the floor beneath is higher, and that damages your wood in the long run.

3. Is the Wooden Floor Recommended for the Kitchen?

 A kitchen is full of heat and moisture. And natural wood expands and produces gaps in such a situation. That’s why it’s best recommended to skip the natural wooden floor and opt for the engineered ones for your kitchen.

4. What’s Better — Solid Wood or Engineered One?

While most of them may resemble in looks, a wooden floor is natural, expensive but a long-lasting wooden solution for your floor. They can be sanded and refurbished later. While engineered wood contains only a few parts of original and solid wood, these are comparatively less expensive but less durable than the natural ones. Hence, the natural one obviously seems better than the engineered one.

5. Can Wooden Flooring Be Installed Over Radiant Floor Heating?

Yes, it is possible. But ensure the temperature doesn’t exceed 85 degrees Celsius and your manufacturer specifies the same in the warranty card and documents.

 How to Care for Wooden Flooring?

Your wooden flooring just needs to be safe from bleaching substances, moisture and extreme heat. Other than that, just a casual sweeping and mopping ensures its utmost care and long-lasting shine. Occasional sanding and polishing ensure glamorous floors that would add timeless charm to your home for decades.

We hope you got all the answers related to the wooden flooring you have been looking for. Now you can install the same in your home and enjoy a prime interior that exudes class and charisma.