You have finalised on the house you wish to purchase. It meets all your requirements: square footage, location, cost, kids-friendly yard, a garage and more. But, there may be one problem. The house might have an old roof and if you overlook the roof condition, it could have a huge impact and unforeseen issues. If you know what to expect out of an old roof and its present condition, it helps to make the right decision.

If you are unclear on the roof’s condition and what to expect, it’s time to seek professional help. A home inspection in Statesboro GA has helped several home buyers make the right decision in terms of buying a house after all the basic checks.

Get A Clear Idea On The State Of The Roof

As a home buyer, don’t expect that every house will have a new roof unless it’s newly built. There are wear and tear in all roofs and repairs are very common. But, how bad is the condition? How old is the roof? Are you purchasing a home that is over 15 years old? The older the life of the roof, the more repairs are required. It depends on the materials used to build a roof that decides the longevity. The life spans of roof materials like asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and composite shingles differ from one another. The weather conditions are the biggest factor that determines the frequency of roof replacement or fixes.

The solution is to hire a home inspector to assess the condition of the roof. Request the homeowner to show the documents on the roof repairing done previously. Once you get a rough estimate on the repair costs and when it would be required, you can decide on whether you want to buy a house or look for more options.

If you wish to buy a property with an old roof, compare the assessment of the roof with your objectives.

  •         How long do you wish to stay in your new house?
  •         Does the roof repair fit in your budget immediately?
  •         Do you have any plans to add some extra fittings on the roof which could impact the roof?
  •         If you think that the condition of the roof is not very convincing, will the seller agree to compensate?
  •         What would be the extra repairs required and how much does it come up to?

Look For Signals That Hints the Condition Is Bad

The roof is sometimes in the worst condition and it’s wise to avoid such hassles. It’s ideal if the homeowner agrees to repair before you buy it. Look out for some of the repercussions of a bad roof discussed below.

Saggy Roof Due To Structural Fault

It is pointless to make compromises on the structure of the roof. The solution here is to step away. Replacement of cracked roofs is quite expensive and it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to fix it for you.

Algae Formation & Patches Due To Missing Shingles

If the shingles on the roof are missing or there are patches on the attic space, it may be because of old materials used which need immediate replacement. Check if there are algae or moss growth on the outer shingles as well. The attic space may be moist due to insufficient ventilation. This means additional repair work.

Stained Interior Walls & Water Damage

The interior walls and ceilings get damaged when there is constant leakage in the roof. There may be stains on the roof and growth of mildew. There are some of the common checks a home buyer must do before purchasing a house with an old roof.