Now, that you have finally chosen PTE as a medium to assess your Engish language proficiency, the first thing you need to do is to register yourself in the official website of Pearson. There is no scope of wasting time now if you want to bag a good score. Planning and preparation with a good strategy will ensure optimal performance. The number of sections is more in the PTE Academic exam, which means a wide syllabus for aspirants. The vast PTE syllabus and content should not be an obstacle to achieve a good score if you adopt the right approach.

Here are some simple PTE exam tips and strategies to practice and make it an easy task to maximize your score:

  • Strategy for the PTE exam preparation: There are 3 main parts to the PTE test: speaking and writing( together), listening, and reading. While you prepare for the test, give each section equal importance and time. The PTE exam syllabus is vast, so learning each section singly might not allow you to complete the syllabus in time. Also, learning all the four sections together with equal time would maintain the flow of preparation.
  • Don’t limit to one resource for preparation: There are many websites that help you with the PTE exam preparation by providing online study and practice material. So, do your research online instead of just relying only on only one academic source or book. Visit a nearby library or book shop to find books about PTE. Look out for notes, e-notes and sample practice papers online as well as offline for complete and better preparation. The other option is to join a good PTE coaching and preparation center near you. If you are in Delhi, Revataa Education is one of the best centers to provide PTE coaching in Delhi.
  • Effective time management is important: All the sections of the PTE exam have to be completed in 3 hours. So, effective time management is important to complete all the questions efficiently within the allotted time for each section. Make sure while practicing for the test you do not cross the time limit. So, keep an eye on the clock. Identify the type of questions consuming your maximum time. Focus more on those sections and take the necessary steps to ensure that your time doesn’t get wasted.
  • Pre-requisite for the PTE test: One must have a valid passport to apply for the PTE exam. So, before you register or start applying for the exam make sure you have a valid passport. In case you do not have a passport, apply for one and then register for the exam. If it needs to be renewed, do the needful and then only register yourself for the PTE exam.
  • Take the PTE mock test: You will be able to score well only if you know the exam format very well and have efficient time-management skills. PTE is a computerized test, so make sure you learn the exam format on a computer before you take the final test. Taking up the PTE mock test conducted by the experts will help you with this. With the help of the mock test, not only you will be able to prepare better for the test format but you will also get a hint of your possible score in the main exam. Hence, you can put your efforts accordingly.