We all know that moving can be very harmful to fragile objects. But then, how to preserve them? What tips and techniques can you use to protect them and make sure they remain intact once in the new house? That’s what we’ll see together. You will find here the best tips to protect your delicate items during your move, whether it is for a short or a long distance.

The Packing Process: the Basic Materials

Moving is never easy. Generally, it is always better to finish everything as soon as possible. But on the other hand, rushing things when it comes to pack the fragile items is not the best idea. Indeed, it is advised to take your time for this and start with assembling all the mandatory equipment. The basic materials that we all know are cardboard boxes, newsprint papers, packing tape, bubble wrap and pencil. But there are many other solutions to organize and protect your property from the vagaries of moving. One of them is a closed cell polyethylene foam that will protect your fragile objects optimally.

Avoid Large Boxes

The logic of things may push you to use the largest boxes you can find to protect your fragile items. But the problem is that the more delicate objects there are in the boxes, the greater the risk is. It is preferable to use standard cartons in order to reduce the number of items per carton and decrease weight. This will help you to better protect the objects, to carry them easily and avoid any breakage. As far as possible, it is even recommended to put every item in its own original package, the one made by the manufacturer and issued with the purchase. In general, it is tailor made for the product and can protect it in an optimal way.

Create a Comfort Zone for the Fragile Objects

You will find that it is easier to pack the smallest fragile items in a sort of comfort zone where they will not have to undergo shocks and other external aggressions. For example, you can use your dining room table or kitchen worktop. Place or stack the items you need to pack on a part of the table. Place a cardboard box next to you then wrap the items in a bubble wrap or a newspaper before placing them carefully in the cardboard boxes. Do not forget to indicate with a large red marker “Very fragile” with a danger sign on the boxes.

Get Help from a Moving Company

If you have antiques and other fragile family goods which have high value for you on a financial and a sentimental levels, the best solution is surely to inform your movers about it so they can pack them in the best conditions. As professionals, they will understand how important these items are to you and often have effective methods to ensure their safe arrival in your new home. For example, the experts of your moving company can offer packing and crating services for this type of articles a few days in advance. So, make sure you are hiring a reliable specialized company so that the precious and fragile objects remains intact all along the moving operation. You can check on the Internet which is the best moving company in your region by reading the consumers’ feedbacks.