Motorcycle riding boots are extremely important, when it comes to protect your feet and ankles. If your riding needs are specialized, such as motocross, off-roading or racing, there are boots to specific to those purpose and many others. Motor cycle riding boots should be sung but not tight, worn with the socks that will keep you feel comfortable.

Motor cycle boots are designed a little differently. They are made specifically for off- road, motor cross or all terrain vehicle riding. To better help the rider’s feet and legs, motor cross boots are much stiffer than regular racing boots.

There are basically 3 different classes of motorcycle footwear

  • Motorcycle touring boots

  • Racing boots

  • Motocross boots

All motorcycle footwear should always have a rubber sole as opposed to leather or any other less flexible material. In order to improve motorcycle safety, footwear is generally made from thick heavy leather and will include energy absorbing and load spreading padding, metal, plastic and or composite materials to protect the motorcycle rider’s feet, ankles and leg in an event of an accident. Depending on how form- fitting the boot is, they usually allow the rider to easily get the boot on and off and the shaft may be designed to open lengthwise.


Some manufacturers also include an internal quick lacing system between a soft inner leg and the outer shell of the boot staff. The heels on motorcycle boots are usually lower than the normal boots to better control the bike.

Consider the following before buying motorcycle riding boots.

Height – for any boot to give an adequate protection, it should come at least up over the ankle and have stable construction at the top of the boot to give the right amount of support. A high-top boot may be stiffer and less comfortable than something that only comes up to your ankle. One of the many injuries those are common during a crash happens when a foot is trapped during the fall; this motion can break, sprain and injure an ankle of if it does not have enough support from you boot.

Material- Many ordinary walking shoes are made of out of canvas or soft leather which isn’t too substantial when it comes to hitting the asphalt. This is why the most motorcycle riding boots are made out of much thicker leather in order to have high abrasion resistance. If you commute or ride in varying weather, you will need some weather protection, and many motorcycle boots are build with that in mind. If your kicks are made of leather, make sure that is treated leather. Untreated leather has a tendency to absorb water rather than repel it which can make for very uncomfortable day if they get soaked on your ride.

Soles- Depending on the type of riding that you will be doing, you will need a sole that gives you the right amount of grip. A softer sole will have a tendency to grip the foot peg better but will wear down a lot faster. Oil build up on the roads can really be a rider’s downfall if they are not wearing boots that have oil resistant soles, especially in wet conditions.