Being able to relax in pyjamas on the settee every day would appear as a rather idyllic lifestyle, and it does to many. But the novelty wears off and you soon discover the need to get out there and make a living. Whether you are unemployed after education or if reemployment after leaving a position is what you now seek, there are a multitude of reasons as to why time in unemployment can become massively beneficial. This, however, is all down to whether you binge watch Game of Thrones for weeks on end, (extremely fun, extremely unadvisable) or if you showcase a proactive attitude. Here is a list of tips to help anyone who is in the monotonous rot of unemployment to get to a point from which they can work, be it via interviews, sending CVs out or from a recruitment agency.

Take some “Me” time

When on the unemployment line, it can become very easy to have self-doubt and question your own choices. However, the most important thing to do is to keep the faith and believe in yourself. You are the most important person in your own life and no job or company holds higher importance. Ensure you continue to discuss any mental health issues with a family member or friend, no matter how big or small they may appear. Holding things in is the worst way to tackle mental health, whilst a problem shared is a problem halved. Guarantee plenty of time dedicated to relaxing both physically and mentally as these opportunities do not present themselves frequently. Continue to do what you love doing, (that should go without saying!) in order to keep up morale and your general wellbeing. Alongside this, define your own life values and remain integral to what you firmly believe in, as it can become all too straightforward to lose your way in this stage of life.

Improve Your Skills

Have you already got an impressive skillset? Is there a new skill that you would like to obtain? Ask yourself these questions and act upon your answers. There is never a bad time to learn and your duration of unemployment is probably the best time fitted to advancing yourself. With full control over what you learn, the world is your oyster. Perhaps you could improve on something you struggled with previously, or alternatively become familiar with new industry terminology from which you seek a new role. There is an abundance of online training courses that you can undergo for absolutely free! These courses will cover a vast array of topics and will range from beginner difficulty to expert; going from zero to hero has never been easier. So, whether you go online to pursue your photography passion or to learn the basics of bricklaying, time in unemployment will allow you to prosper. One advisable skillset to possibly learn about is mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness will preach patience and more than likely make your time without a job significantly more manageable and enjoyable.

Exercise Regularly

Whilst spending a lot of time relaxing is needed, too much can be damaging. It is a well-known fact that staying inside constantly is detrimental to mental health. Once permanently inside, the slippery slope begins. The best way to tackle this is exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which trigger positive feelings across your body, henceforth allowing you to feel physically and mentally sound. Also, exercising regularly provides you with a routine, (routines create familiarity and stability) which enhances your chances of being in high spirits. Having a routine also allows the transition between unemployment and employment to become drastically easier. Setting goals from your exercise and tracking your progress is a great way to keep active whilst at the same preparing for meeting expectations in your next job. As well as exercise, having a healthy, balanced diet puts you in the best possible stead physically and mentally. Perhaps cook many healthy meals, as the food will be beneficial physically whilst the cooking can be therapeutic.

Get Back Out There

When you are sure you’re ready to go back into work, the first thing to do is to send out your CV to ensure as many people see it as possible. From this, it would be advisable to make as many connections as possible. As the saying goes, “it’s all about who you know” and it couldn’t be truer. You may be the best possible candidate for a job, but already having a strong relationship with the employer, or friend of the employer, will bode extremely well. Expanding your social media accounts is advisable due to the easy access and communication you attain from friends and followers online. Create mock interviews for yourself to prepare you for all possible interviewing possibilities, as there are many different forms of interviews and each one is unique. Going through this process can be tough, especially when alone, so always ask for help and advice to make the journey less stressful. People will be happy to help!

Unemployment is gruelling for everybody; there is nothing worse than waking up not knowing what today consists of. Despite the hardship, always be integral and persevere as you can always overcome obstacles via these means. Just remember, good things come to those who wait.