FSSAI is an acronym for the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, which is established under the Food Safety and Standard Act of 2006. The main motive of FSSAI is to nurture and protect public health by creating the food safety authorities at the state level.

So, all food operators must obtain an FSSAI registration number or food license before beginning any business associated with food. Therefore, one could find the 14-digit FSSAI registration number imprinted on food items that are approved by FSSAI.

The Cardinal Goal of FSSAI Standard

Food outlets and food joints are one of the immensely growing industries in the world. People enjoy eating food in restaurants or ordering food from outside. So, to ensure that the people receive qualitative and healthy food, all the food associated businesses must obtain an FSSAI license. The main motive of FSSAI is the following-

  • Setting up the qualitative food standards which all the food articles must fulfill.
  • Regulating the production, storage, dissemination, import, and export of food according to the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006.
  • Food distributed among people is safe and free from contamination.


Documents Needed For FSSAI Registration

The following documents are required while applying for the FSSAI license-

  • Any identity proof of the owner like Voter card, Aadhar card.
  • Phone number and email id of the owner.
  • Address proof of the business issued by the authority.
  • Proof of possession of the business premise, which could be presented with the help of rent agreement, electricity bill, etc.
  • National occupation classification certificate from the municipal corporation.
  • Food safety management form which could be downloaded from the official website or could be procured from the nearest notary.
  • List of food products produced and sold by the enterprise.
  • If the business involves many partners, then identity proof of each partner is required.
  • Medical certificate of the owner, employees, and partners.
  • If the large scale manufacturing enterprise need to submit the list of heavy kitchen equipment used by them.


FSSAI Registration Process

FSSAI is a crucial permit for all food business operators. So, they need to procure the FSSAI license certificate for starting their business. This license act as evidence and authorization for all food owners to sell their food articles among the masses. This also proves that the eatery is using safe methods for manufacturing and is, therefore, a legitimate business. Following are the steps to obtain FSSAI registration number-


  • First of all, one needs to visit the official site of FSSAI and check for the eligibility of the business, like whether the business is eligible for the necessary license, state license, or central license. The turnover criteria could help in deciding the type of eligibility.
  • Now one needs to create an account on the website. So, firstly one needs to click on the signup button and provide the information, including phone number and email address.

Also, one needs to set the username and password for completing the signup process.

  • One would receive the confirmation for creating the FSSAI account on the phone number or email address.

Note: One needs to register for the FSSAI license within 30 days because afterward, the account would be automatically deactivated.

  • Using the credentials set in the above step, one needs to login to the account and visit the FSSAI license registration site and fill all the required information.

Note: One needs to fill all the necessary information; otherwise, the form would be considered as incomplete and, therefore, would be rejected. So, one needs to start the process from the first step again.

  • After filling all the relevant information, one could click on the submit button. However, before clicking on the submit button, it is recommended to have a copy of the information filled by the user for future reference.
  • Now, one could see the reference number on the screen. It is advisable to note the reference number to track the further progress of the FSSAI license registration form.
  • Finally, one needs to take the printout of the registration form and need to submit the same along with the essential documents to the regional or state authority.

Therefore, by following the above steps, any person operating in the food business could register and apply for an FSSAI license.

So, all the food eateries should procure the FSSAI registration number to enjoy the legal advantages given by the government.  Moreover, having an FSSAI registration number on the food articles conveys assured quality and trust among the people.