It’s been over a decade that Smart TV trend has entered into the television industry. You will find it at every home today. Interestingly, these sleeker, clearer and user-friendly versions of traditional television have also taken its place in cars! Yes, smart TV for car is quite a new trend now. Everyone seems to follow it too.

There are a number of genuine places to buy a tv for car online. Almost all major reputed e-commerce sites are offering these. This new technology has been introduced to the marketplace with several advantages.

A smart TV can be easily fixed into your car. TV displays mounted inside car can entertain passengers while travelling short or long distances. It is a great addition to keep kids engaged. Smart TV allows them to listen to songs, play games, watch movies, and a lot more.

How to install smart TV in car? Here’s what you need to do:


Display Size

When buying a TV for vehicle, it is important to determine the accurate display size for optimum viewing. Choice of display size also depends on its location. You must make sure that the TV fits into the given space.


Choice of Location

The size of TV can be easily determined by the location you wish it to be mounted on. Some of the most popular and best locations to mount the display within a vehicle include:

– Back of the front seat headrests

– Ceiling of the car

– In the dash

– In the sun visors

It is better to avoid installing smart tv in the dash or sun visor as the driver can easily get distracted.

In most countries, in-dash monitors are banned. This is because the tv can distract the driver of the vehicle and lead to serious accidents. Hence, it is wise to restrict all kinds of in-dash equipment such as radio displays, GPS units, and other types of monitors (even those associated with the functioning of the vehicle). Additionally, irrespective of the type of monitor installed in the vehicle, it is the duty of drivers to pay attention to the road while driving. Any attempt to focus on the monitor can lead to an accident.


Measure for Fit

This task would require you to keep the following materials handy:

– Masking tape

– Tape measure

After you determine the type of display, it is time to measure for the accurate size for fitting the screen in. The procedure involves taping out the area where you which to install the display. Thereafter, you must measure it aptly to get the screen size required.


The Procedure

Step One: Start with taping out the area. With a masking tape, mark off the area exactly where you want to install the TV.

While marking the area, you must bear in mind the exact width of the television frame. The latest lightweight smart models have smaller frame. This makes it quite easy to mount them inside the car.

In case, you are looking forward to install a flip-down display, simply mark out the area where you wish to install the screen. Also mark out where you wish to place the bracket.

Head clearance should be taken into consideration when installing a flip-down TV display. An appropriately sized display will help passengers to enter and exit the vehicle securely without hitting their heads. Almost all flip-down displays are of the same size as the brackets they need to be attached to.

Step Two: It is time to measure the screen area. Once you mark off the space you wish to install the TV, simply measure it. This will give you the exact screen size needed. The best way is to measure on the diagonal or from a corner towards the opposite corner.

Step Three: You must check with the installation company before buying a display. They are the best people to suggest you about any aspects (frame size, mounting bracket) may cause issues during the installation.

Step Four: Make a purchase! The final step is to buy your screen. You may choose to purchase it online after researching some great websites.

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