At some point in life, being in a place that is peaceful and where privacy can be enjoyed is essential. The purpose of spending time alone usually arises when someone feels sad, anxious, or helpless. Also, it could be a means to think of ways to resolve a problem, or just a simple moment to distance oneself from others. Sometimes coined as “escape from reality”, this form of break can help reduce negative tendencies as a result of emotional stress and instability.

Although it is best to find a listening ear to release emotional baggage, time spent alone somehow develops the ability of a person to rationalise and handle problems lightly. The places to go to achieve this objective could be anywhere as long as the mind can be freed from worries and privacy is achieved.

Inside the house

No other place can entirely give privacy and serenity other than home. Every part of the house can satisfy these needs except if the house itself is the cause of stress. Nevertheless, the bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the shower enclosures can serve as a retreat whenever you feel the need to give your body and mind comfort and security. The advantage of being at home is that no one can intrude or disrupt while you are trying to contemplate the matters that are bothering you.

At the library

Public places can also be a haven if looking for quiet time alone, like a library. Aside from the spacious area of a library, reading books can produce positive thoughts and can stimulate your mind for more productive thinking. Also, this place is known to maintain silence and respect the privacy of every user. Its use will not give any hint to other users that you are experiencing difficulties in handling personal concerns.

Local art galleries

Spending time looking at artists’ masterpieces is also a way to unleash the mind from over thinking of things that are beyond your control. Art has positive effects on the well-being of people, whether they have a mental disorder or not. It can be an outlet to see the world with a different perspective through the artwork in local galleries. These pieces of visual material can divert the mind to think of the stories behind them instead of drowning in negative thoughts.

Nature’s comfort

Going on a hike or sightseeing the beauty of nature is another way to take a break from a stressful environment. The fresh air, the fantastic scenery, and the wonders of nature can help wash away all the problems that have been haunting the mind. More significant contact with nature is proved to help alleviate depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. Aside from enjoying the terrific views, time spent in nature increases the ability to pay attention and helps to cope with pain as it brings calm and balance.

Privacy and serenity truly matter and being alone is one of the choices to fulfil this purpose. What matters is at the end of the day, you still see your worth, and you rise again to face the challenges that are waiting in the outside world.