If you want to keep your Kia Sedona fresh and clean, you need to be careful about the food and drinks that you bring inside it. But kids are always a problem because even if you have already told them about keeping the car clean, they will still spill their drinks and get the car dirtied in nooks and corners that are hard to reach. So, what are the best tricks that can keep your kids from spilling in the car?


1) Whatever you bring in, you take it out

A rule that you may want to practice with your children is this: “if you can bring it inside the care, it is certain, you can carry it out too.” These covers anything that your kids will carry into the car, not just food and drinks, but books, toys, papers, clothing and so forth. You will keep the clutter inside the car to a minimum if you ask all members of the family to follow this policy strictly.


2) Use food and drink containers that are car-safe

If you have toddlers and babies, you need to buy food and drink containers that are spill-proof. These kids are not in full control of their body therefore they tend to make a mesh out of everything they put their hands into. Spill-proof containers are equipped with flaps on their top parts that will prevent anything inside it from spilling or escaping. For older children who have more control of their body, you can buy an inexpensive caddy that will hold all the things that they need while traveling.


3) Use liners in cup holders

You can also buy some silicone cupcake liners and use them in the cup holders. Spilt drinks and all kinds of things land at the bottom of cup holders. But if you line the insides of these cup holders with cupcake liners, you will be able to take out the liners with all the waste items they contain in one fell swoop. Just scoop out the liners from the cup holders and you are done.


4) Use a caddy as an organizer

You can buy a remote control caddy and use it as an organizer for some of the things that your children bring with them in the car. The caddy usually holds 4 remote controls. These four compartments can be used to keep pencils, color sticks, a small amount of food, and small bottles of drinks while traveling. It will minimize the spilling of food and drinks by your kids.


5) Use rubber mats instead of expensive car carpets

When you have small kids inside the car, it is better to replace the expensive car carpets with inexpensive car floor mats made of rubber or soft plastic. If they are soiled or damaged, they can be cheaply replaced. They are also very easy to clean. Just use some detergent and hose them with water and they will be like new. You can also use cheap plastic liners as covering for your car carpets (if you find it difficult to replace the car carpet with the rubber mat every time you need to).


6) Use a travel john

Kids are kids and when they are preoccupied, they will hold their pee until they are ready to explode. If the road says the available restroom is still several miles away, and your kid can’t hold it in, he might explode any moment. A travel john is very useful in this situation. There are travel johns that are sold for about $10. They act as a portable toilet that you can take when you’re on a long road trip with kids in tow. Travel johns are actually disposable plastic bags that your kids can use to pee on while they are traveling. The inside of these travel johns act just like the diapers for small babies, so, the urine is absorbed and not allowed to spill away.