Guitars under the $200 rank tend to be undervalued in the community but they are not bad guitars. In fact, these are the best guitars to own if you are a hobbyist playing for enjoyment. If you are just starting out on music and finds it silly to spend a three grand on a guitar then this list is right for you. We have sifted through the numerous brands to bring you the Best Electric Guitars Under 200.

Our Under $200 Electric Guitar Choices

Here are some Best Electric Guitars Under 200.

Epiphone Les Paul II

For enthusiasts who have desired own to a Gibson but could not justify the price tag, the Epiphone Les Paul II is a good alternative. With this model, you are getting a gem with the legendary LP nametag and at a fraction of the Gibson’s price. Apart from the classic design, the LP II is a functional replica of its expensive brothers. The guitar features a 650R and a 700T hum bucker that greatly improve clarity. The body is made of okoume, a kind of light-weight mahogany with an admirable finish. As long as you have a good amp, you will love the sound of Les Paul II.

Yamaha Pacifia HSS Deluxe

When it comes to versatility, the Yamaha Deluxe has much to offer than most other guitars in this price tag. Starters who are yet not sure of their groove can learn much from the six-stringed Deluxe. A HSS pickup offers a wide range of tones which are great for learning and exploration. The guitar also features a vintage-style tremolo bridge and deep cutaways for easy access. Most importantly, you can adjust the volume and tones from knobs conveniently placed on the body of the guitar.

Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster

If you like the features of the Fender’s classic models but not willing to spend that much, the Fat Strat offers a good start. The squire is just as robust and versatile like its bigger brothers with good sound quality. Its body is thinner than most Fender series and also sports a C-shaped maple neck. Although the Fat Strat is not the best choice for experts, beginners can take advantage of the advanced pickups and decent hardware at a cheap price.

Jackson JS22 Dinky

It is for a good reason that the Jacksons remain influential despite a decline in their popularity. The body of the JS22 features the trademark super Strat shape made from basswood and a maple neck to crown the design. Just like the Yamaha Pacifia, Jackson Dinky is fitted with tone and volume control knobs. It is not surprising that the Dinky is fitted with a tremolo bridge like most of the other electric guitars trading below $200.

banez GIO Series

If you are equally moved by the cords of Herman Li and Joe Satrian as I do, then you already love the Ibanez GIO. So impressive is this gem that you can easily mistake it for the industry’s big fish. Combine the high-performance pickups with a contoured poplar body, pine fret board, and a slim maple neck and the result is just amazing. Unlike most of the guitars in this category, the Ibanez achieves higher tone stability and a richer, warm tone that novices and experts find attractive.

Sterling by Music Man

Apart from its relatively high price, the position of Music Man’s Ernie Ball in the guitar world is unquestionable. The good news is that you can add the versatility of the Ernie Ball to your collection through its cheaper cousin, the Sterling. Sterling features the same iconic silhouette body shape and an asymmetrical neck profile. With a versatile HSS pickup and ergonomic touches, guitar enthusiasts of all classes find the six-string Sterling irresistible.

Dean MLX

Given its impressive design and performance, it would be unfair to lock out the Dean MLX from our list of best electric guitars under $200. The Dean MLX features an eye-catching, peculiar design following the deep insights of the late Dimebag Darrell. Two DMT hum buckers and a tune-o-matic bridge help enhance its quality.

Final Remarks

As for guitars, cheap does mean poor quality. By buying any of the electric guitars discussed above you are getting the best deal in the market. Invest wisely to get real value for your money.