A lot of factors go into self-sufficiency, and teaching it all to a teenager takes a lot of time. However, one aspect you shouldn’t skip over is how to take care of a car. Sooner or later (and probably sooner,) your teen will be driving, and they may take what you do for the family car for granted. Once they’re on their own, it’s important that they know what goes into basic car maintenance for their own vehicle. Here are a few essentials to get you started.

How to Get Gas

If you want your child to be confident and master the process of getting gas, then it helps to start them off long before they actually get their own car. In fact, you should start teaching your child to pump gas before they even get their learners permit. This way, when they are an older teenager, they will not feel so awkward and shy at the pump, because they will have a long history of experience working with you on doing this task the correct way in advance. Plus, you will also need to teach your child to look to avoid getting gas from a pump that has been tampered with and might have a skimmer.

Changing a Flat

Your teen is likely going to face a flat tire at some point in their driving career. They should have a basic knowledge of how to properly place and utilize a jack to lift the car safely. Your teen will need to know the pattern for taking off lug nuts the right way and for replacing them too. They should also know how to remove a stubborn tire that will not easily come loose. You might even help them find a YouTube video or two to pull up on their smartphone in a pinch. This way they can refresh their memory if they forget any procedural steps.

How to Call a Tow Truck

If your child has car trouble or is in an accident, they will need to call a tow truck. In fact, you should help them look into the tow truck services in your area, and have your child add the tow truck company’s number to their call list on their smartphone for easy access. This way they will not be stranded on the side of the road but will be able to get their car home or to a shop in a timely fashion.

Where to Get the Car Serviced

Your teen might have a serious car issue that needs the attention of a good mechanic. As you know, mechanics are not always the most honest people on the planet. However, your teen is going to need your help to navigate these waters and figure out which service shop they should deal with—especially if they have a transmission repair issue That needs to be done. They will also need to be made familiar with what the service guy means when talking about the price of parts plus core.

The great thing about young minds is that they really can learn a lot of important life lessons. Learning how to care for their car is no different. With your guidance, your teen will be prepared to handle many curve balls that life will throw them when out driving on the road. You can rest assured that your training will help them to face these challenges with the competence they need to succeed as a responsible driver.