Pregnant and heading towards the day of your delivery, you likely find yourself with a number of questions and concerns. In this regard, one in which you may have issues involves how to stay safe and well while in the hospital for the birth of your child. Thankfully, though, there are five steps that you can take to best ensure that you avoid medical negligence while you are in the hospital.

Review Malpractice Data

A starting point to best ensure that you remain well while hospitalized is to consider any data pertaining to negligence associated with your doctor and hospital. While past issues do not necessarily provide concrete evidence of what to expect in the future, it still may be good to know what a facility’s malpractice rate is. If it is much higher than others, then it might be in your best interest to avoid getting help there.

Ask Healthcare Providers to Sanitize Their Hands

Although you may feel a bit odd doing this initially, do not hesitate to request your healthcare workers to sanitize their hands before touching you. Although a well-trained healthcare provider will be diligent about washing and sanitizing his or her hands, these individuals can get busy and overlook some of the basics. You can politely request this by asking the head nurse or doctor who will be working for you. He or she should then relay that information to the rest of their staff members.

Obtain a Full Disclosure of What to Expect

You may believe that childbirth is a common, everyday procedure. As a general rule, though, it is important for a mother to see a doctor regularly throughout their pregnancy as to make sure that everything goes smoothly once the child is born. During this time, your doctor should review basic risks associated with child birth with you—based on your health and the health of the child.

Ask Questions

Be sure to ask any and all questions that come to your mind about the different elements of the child support process. This includes making sure you ask all questions necessary to understand the ins and outs of giving birth. You will want to question the doctor about specific risks and their likelihood. One reason why medical negligence occurs is because a patient is not appropriately briefed about the specific risks and benefits of a drug.

Steps to Take if Negligence Occurs

If anything ever goes wrong at the hands of a doctor or another medical professional, you must know what steps you need to take in the immediate aftermath of the incident giving it. For example, documenting the negligent conduct of another person is crucial. If you’re able to, get witness statements and take photos or video of your injury. Another thing that you will need to do is get legal help from professionals like those from McLaughlin & Lauricella, PC who are experienced not only with general medical malpractice but the type dealing with pregnancy as well.

Taking care of yourself while carrying your son or daughter is crucial and that’s why it’s important do what you can to prevent anything from happening. Facing any form of medical negligence is definitely something that you want to avoid, and so, hopefully, this post can help you do just that.