pregnancy-attireYou know that feeling. You are seven months pregnant. You just want to go home from work, collapse on the sofa, put your swollen feet up and enjoy a pint of ice cream while mindlessly watching television. You cannot do that one evening though. Instead, your boss is having a dinner party and it is just something that you cannot avoid. You have to attend the dinner party no matter what your tired and pregnant body actually wants you to do. There are ways to survive a dinner party no matter how far along that you are. Below is a survivor’s guide to a dinner party that is sure to help any pregnant woman not just survive the party but actually enjoy it as well.

Start with the Outfit

Many pregnant women have trouble finding clothes to wear to a formal dinner party. They may end up buying non maternity dress and trying to make it work, but this can lead to clothes that do not fit, discomfort, and most embarrassing of all, rips at the worst moment possible. Instead of doing this, you will find that there are numerous trendy and fashionable formal maternity dresses in this day and age. Not all maternity dresses look like they are the shape of a tent. Instead, with the use of empire waists, clever ruching  and wrap style bodices, maternity dresses can look very classy, very beautiful and perfect for any dinner party. Be sure to choose a dress that gives you room to move and feel comfortable for the whole time that you will be at the party.

Do not forget the shoes. Before you were pregnant, most likely, you would have reached for those heels, but heels can be extremely uncomfortable for your feet when they are swollen and tired. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing stylish flats or shoes with a low heel. Just make sure you choose shoes that are flexible. They will give with your feet more so that they are more comfortable.

Pack Your Clutch Smartly

Given the fact that you are expecting, you will need to put some extra thought into what goes into your clutch and it should not just be lipstick. Here are a few of the things that you will want to pack in that little purse so that you can better survive the dinner party.

  • Make sure you have a few safety pins. These could come in handy is something were to come loose or rip during the evening.
  • If you have trouble with nausea and morning sickness in the evenings, then consider adding in a pack of crackers. The foods at the party may be rich and could make you feel worse should a wave of sickness hit. A small package of crackers can settle your stomach quickly.
  • Your cell phone. If you start to feel too badly then you will definitely want to be able to call for a ride, so that you can go home when needed.
  • Roll away fast flats. If you do choose to wear heels, then you will find these soft little shoes could be a life saver. They take up little space and they roll out to comfortable shoes that will give your feet a break.

A dinner party could come along with a sense of dread if you are pregnant. You may be focusing on just how miserable you would be throughout the evening. However, if you make smart decisions, you may find yourself actually enjoying the night. Be sure to choose the right clothing and shoes. Additionally, choose to pack a clutch with helpful “emergency” items should you need them.