Experts have rightly said that the best friend a human being has is a pet apart from books.  Reading books is a best time pass and a source of gaining knowledge.  But raising pets is equivalent to raising kids.  Pets require a lot of attention and care and receive the same when they are brought up in a house.  Maybe that is the reason why they are called pets.  Well, you may be wondering about the difference between the animals straying outside and the animals being brought up by you.  An animal straying outside is not taken care of by anyone.  It takes care of itself but an animal brought by human beings gets complete care and nourishment and grows up in a disciplined manner.  No matter they are the same as other animals in the forest; a pet’s behavior is always different from others and can be recognized.

Requirements for raising horses

There are many pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, buffalos, parrots, pigeons, cocks, etc.  But have anyone considered or has a fantasy of raising a horse.  Well, it sounds peculiar, but some people have the fantasy of raising a horse.  The reasons may be innumerable. Raising horses requires a lot of space as the horse requires enough space to run around.  Horses are known for their running speed, and if they do not get enough exercise like running, they won’t be able to participate in any horse races. And without proper exercise, no matter how much quality food you give to it becomes waste.

Visit TVG to know more about horses are made to run in horse races. You find people riding horses on the busy roads.  It is very dangerous because the horse is very sensitive towards the sound and that is the only thing anyone can get on busy roads.   If by chance the horse gets disturbed while riding on the roads, it may create havoc by running here and there.  This situation is very dangerous to the rider as he/she won’t be able to control it even though they are experienced.  Due to the space problem, many pets do not have enough free space to grow up naturally.

Raising of horses in a residential area is possible if you take all sorts of precautions such as:

  • Ensure that your fantasy of raising a horse does not disturb your neighbors.
  • Keep the details of a veterinary doctor and always make him/her is available whenever required. A pet cannot express through  You as a caretaker have to understand its feeling and emotions and act accordingly.
  • In case your house is independent and not an apartment, then ensure you construct a stable for your horse.
  • Keep the stable neat and clean because any unhygienic environment will not disturb the horse but also your neighbors.
  • Provide plenty of grass and water to your horse as it keeps eating throughout the day.
  • In case you have to take your horse for a ride, then take it in an open land where it is not an obstacle to anyone.

Everyone loves pets and no one will object to it provided they do not create problems for others.