Workout supplement timing is probably one of the most important things you need to consider when taking muscle supplements since it can make the difference between wasting your time getting totally ripped. If you recently thought about taking your workout to the next level, but have no idea about the types of supplements you should take and especially when to take them, rest assured. We went ahead and covered that below for you, so let’s see what you can do in order to get big and rock solid muscles by taking supplements at the right time.

Pre-workout supplements

Pre-workout supplements work by a simple principle: they increase your blood circulation, muscular potential and your energy availability. Therefore, when you supplement your body with these three vital factors, you’ll be able to greatly optimize your strength and performance and make way for meeting new fitness goals. But when should you actually take these supplements to reap such amazing benefits? According to professional bodybuilders, these supplements should be taken 30 minutes before you start training and never later than that.

Intra workout supplements

Intra workout supplements are taken during the actual training in order to help you increase your endurance and muscle gains. The way they act on your body though depends on the brand you use, but generally they make nourishment possible during excessive activity and what you’ll probably love to hear about this is that it doesn’t trigger performance costly mechanical digestion and other physical processes that hinder your ability to build muscle.

As a result, your muscles will grow at an amazing rate, while your performance is also going to be greatly maximized. To offer you some examples of great intra supplements, they include creatine, nitric oxide stimulants and a wide range of other potentiates.

Post workout supplements

Have you noticed that bodybuilders who have the best gains have, on top of an unbelievable work ethic in the gym, a perfect post workout nutrition? Taking post workout supplements is vital after you finish your training since it plays a crucial role in helping you build muscle. The reason they work is because:

  1. Once your workout is over, your muscle are almost depleted of glucose, nutrients and AAs, so by taking the supplement you have the guarantee it’s going to be immediately absorbed. So for instance, if you go for a protein drink that has a high concentration of leucine, a large percentage of it is going to trigger an increased anabolic activity and that’s because it makes it exactly into your cells.
  2. Taking workout supplements immediately after you’ve finished your training can make the difference between tearing down the muscle you’ve already built up in order to meet metabolic needs or build extra muscle. Therefore, if you don’t use a post workout supplement, you not only compromise the muscles you’ve already built, but also refuse to grow them.

To make sure that won’t happen, consider taking supplements that are rich in raw protein, carbohydrates and amino acids and your body will have everything it needs to start building a lot of muscle right after you finished your training.