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The fabric you choose to wear outdoors plays a key role in keeping you cool while you’re having fun in the sun. The color of your clothing can also be a factor. Our shopping experts have come up with a list of pretty and practical fashion choices that will allow you to have your awesome day in the sun and help you to resist those powerful UVA/UVB rays.

Breathable, Wicking Materials
If you’ve ever worn a polyester top during a hot, humid day, then, you know how uncomfortable it can be. That is why breathable material matters when those powerful rays are out. Polyester fails at readily absorbing sweat, and it doesn’t breathe well. That is why this synthetic fiber fabric is sticky and can’t beat the heat. Also, avoid clothing for babies made out of polyester during the hot months. Save this fabric for cooler days and nights.

Linen Or Cotton. Which One?
When it comes to summer fashion, you’re bound to see many choices in both linen and cotton, and some people wonder if one material is better than the other. According to most stylists, linen wins over cotton in the stay cool contest, but some shy away from the natural fabric because it wrinkles easily and may not always appear so polished. A linen blazer, pants, dress, etc. will keep you cooler longer than a cotton piece because linen boasts amazing breathability and great wicking power to get rid of any sweat that’s forming on the body. Linen is a versatile fabric and also about 30 percent stronger than cotton and more durable. It also looks timeless and classic.

The Color Of Coolness
This may sound unbelievable, but even black clothing and those in other dark shades can offer excellent sun blocking power. However, because dark hues attract heat, only wear dark-colored clothing pieces on sunny days that are not blistering hot. Meanwhile, the shade of white, cream and ivory, for example, are the best light-colored clothing for repelling heat, but the shades do allow the sun’s rays to penetrate, so a good sunscreen is recommended. White-colored pieces are comfy on those very hot days, and most folks believe in wearing the shade for athletic activities or any kind of movement outdoors.

The Proper Weave Type
Even the weave of a fabric can make a difference when you’re outside trying to have fun in the sun. Here’s a tip: Choose clothing pieces that feature a thicker material with a tighter weave. That fabric construction will keep you cooler than a loose weave article of clothing when you’re out in the sun. Today, clothing has reached some incredible advancements in the way it’s designed and manufactured. When you add stylish IBKUL skirts to your summer wardrobe, you’re getting the ultimate in patented IceFil Cooling Technology that keeps you effortlessly cool on even the most sizzling days.

Minimal Jewelry For Comfort
Your choice of accessories also play a factor when you head outside on a hot summer day. Take jewelry, for example. Metals can get very hot, sticky and even feel heavy upon the skin. Earrings are fine, but avoid lots of necklaces, rings and/or bracelets when you’re trying to maintain coolness. When it comes to footwear, you can’t go wrong in a classic pair of white sneakers. They match with just about every color in the spectrum and look chic and sensible. Other cooling accessories include a big straw hat and a lightweight wrap or scarf. A straw hat is adding extra comfort for you on a scorching day and keeping the perspiration away, especially for women who have long hair. A pashmina wrap, for instance, is nice and cooling to drape around the neck and/or shoulders. The light material is good at repelling sweat. Fashion experts advise choosing a one-ply pashmina shawl for summer and in a silk blend for pretty sheen and breathability as a fabric.

We all want to look our best even when it’s super hot, and those strong UVA/UVB rays won’t let up. Our shopping experts believe their tips will help you stay as cool as a cucumber and look totally fashion-forward as you step outside.

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