Women of all sizes and ages would love to look good. They would spend their hard-earned cash to buy the best makeup and invest in clothes that will make them feel special. But sometimes, not all clothes look age-appropriate. They would either make themselves look too old or too edgy for their age. If they choose the wrong style, they will put themselves at risk of looking fashion awkward.

However, your age does not have to limit you from buying a beautiful dress. You need to find the right style that would suit you.


Here is a detailed fashion guide that could help you determine the right fashion style for your age.

Dressing For Your 20s

It is the most interesting stage to try out any fashion styles possible. You can wear anything under the sun. You can mix and match any fashion genre possible and still look great no matter what.

You can invest in any fashionable pieces that can capture your fancy, then pair it according to the style that you want to achieve. A feminine, flirty looking dress can be matched with manly ankle boots to look extra cute. You may also have fun by pairing your short pleated skirt with a striped cashmere sweater to look both dainty yet preppy at the same time. Your age will also allow you to look good even if you decide to wear a pastel tulle skirt with a rocker shirt and spiky boots.

Dressing For Your 30s

Once you reach your 30s, you can continue to take fashion risks but keep it within your style. You cannot change your style every day like what you can do when you are in your 20s. It means that you must already find your signature style when you reach this age.

Suppose you are working in a professional corporate office during this stage in your life. In that case, you can still rock a polka-dotted or floral dress but continue to look professional by putting on a simple cardigan or toned-down jewelry. You can also wear a mini skirt but opt to put it on top of a sleek pair of leather jeans or pair it with a chic jacket or crisp button-up shirt. It will help in keeping you looking young and fresh without looking shabby.

Dressing For Your 40s

At this stage in your life, you need to start taking your fashion style seriously without looking too conservative. Your wardrobe should start containing more refined clothing. When shopping for a dress, you must find pieces that look classy and can stand the test of time. The dress must compliment your body yet avoid those that will reveal too much skin.

Short dresses are still acceptable, but you must keep it looking decent by keeping the length at the knee. It is also ideal to avoid low-cut necklines. Instead, you can look for a lace blouse with sheer back to show a little of your skin. This style will allow you to continue looking sexy without being tacky.

You can still look great in your 50s and 60s by wearing clothes that could highlight your style and personality. Find pieces that are comfortable to wear and match it with stylish accessories like pearl jewellery and scarves. It is also important to wear clothes that fit your body perfectly to prevent awkward bulges. By following these tips, you will look great and fashionable at any stage in your life.