For many people, a divorce or separation is a very emotional experience, so much so, that it can cause irreparable damage to a person, leaving emotional scars for life. When we join together with another and both have firm goals that include each other, the realization that this is not to be can simply be overwhelming. It is at these times when we are at our lowest ebb, and without the right support, our anxious mind causes, even more, stress by continually going over and over the events. One certainly needs support at this time, and there are special programs that are designed to help the participants deal with a divorce.

Spiritual Retreat

The environment is everything, and there’s no better place to get in touch with your inner self than the tranquility of a new place. The focus is on looking forward to a positive future, and in doing that, one doesn’t spend time thinking about the past. Of course, there are lessons in our past mistakes, and we can certainly learn from our errors and become a better person, but with the focus on the rest of your life, once you actually think about all the good things in your life, you can build a positive future and raise your self-esteem. Deciding to book a break up retreat is the ideal way to combat all the negativity that comes from a separation, and with a major part of the program aimed at emotional control and a degree of detachment, this kind of thing will never trouble you again.

Building on the Positive

One of the first tasks at a breakup retreat is for the participants to take an honest look at themselves, and while we all have our faults and weaknesses, the emphasis is on the positive aspects of your character, and indeed circumstances. There are certain Buddhist elements to this, in as much as one learns that one’s conscious mind is like a naughty monkey, and will explore every avenue if allowed. Emotions begin with the response, therefore, if there is no response, the emotion cannot exist, and when a person understands this, they are much better equipped to deal with stressful situations, as they are aware of what triggers emotional reactions. There is an excellent guide to emotional control that outlines steps to rein in one’s emotions, with solid advice on dealing with stressful situations.

Changing Perspective

Every event or circumstance can either be viewed in a positive or negative light, the half full-empty glass being a classic example, and the shift towards positive thinking is the key to overcoming one’s anxieties. Of course, completely changing your physical environment is essential, as there should be no tangible reminders to trigger anxiety, and with the support of the professionals, in a one on one environment, and with this guidance, we gradually begin to see things in a different light.

There are online experts who run break up retreats, and with their help, a person is not only able to handle the stresses of a divorce, they come away equipped with the tools to avoid any repetition in the future.