People in the eastern world adopted the use of rudraksha thousands of years ago. Other than having obvious health benefits, the rudraksha is an ornament which is integral to worship. The planets influence the energy lines in the human body. Some of the planets will influence us in a positive manner while others will present a negative impact.

Symbolism of the rudraksha bead

The five face rudraksha is symbolic of Lord Kalagni. The planet associated with this rudraksha is Jupiter. Since this represents learning, the 5 Mukhi links to self-development and optimism. One has good growth, both mental and spiritual. The five forms of Shiva that this rudraksha denotes are Tatpurusha, Ishaan, Aghor, Saddyojat, and Vamdev. This bead influences all the major chakra points (energy centres) in the body.

Benefit and significance of the 5 Mukhi

  1. Improves intellectual insight and faith reduces the dullness
  2. People use this while saying their prayers (mantras) and as ornament for wearing
  3. Public figures achieve greatness if they use this 5 Mukhi
  4. Wisdom and intelligence improve
  5. You can avoid the bad influence of Jupiter
  6. People of every segment of society – students, teachers, researchers, writers – can benefit
  7. One becomes more self-aware
  8. It helps those preparing for competitive exams most

Health benefits

This 5 Mukhi mala keeps control of cardiac ailments and the blood pressure. When the health improves, the mind gets more peace. The wearer never faces an untimely death and it removes all the doshas of life. Jupiter has malefic effects like lack of peace, diseases of kidney, ear, thigh, and fat, diabetes, utter poverty, and lack of harmony.

One way to get the immediate benefit is to soak three beads of the five Mukhi overnight in water. Then, drink in the morning on an empty stomach and you get relief from illnesses and blood pressure.

  • It helps people afflicted by respiratory diseases such as asthma
  • You can cure diseases of the thyroid gland
  • People with shy disposition can develop a sense of their self-worth

Good positive feedback

Many people have written reviews how the 5-face bead has enhanced the calm nature and helped them overcome various ailments related to daily life. They say how their lives became enriched through the regular use of the 5 Mukhi mala. The 5 Mukhi rudraksha price ranges between Rs 123 and Rs 234.

Make the 5 Mukhi mala

The 5 face rudraksha beads come from the fruit of the rudraksha tree. This tree grows only in Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, and India. In India, they grow in the Western Ghats and on the slopes of the Himalayas. You string the beads together such that you have 108 plus one bead in the necklace. This extra bead known as the bindu helps the wearer to skip and turn back while saying prayers. You do not count this extra bead when saying your prayer.

The thread of the mala must be strong and changed once every six months. This way, you can prevent any mishaps happening to the mala. Some people use a gold, copper, or even a silver thread. The only criterion for making the mala is that you should keep the beads loose. If you tighten them too much, the beads will crack open and become unfit after a while.