Throwing a pool party at your home will help you to reconnect with friends and family, but it can also be a challenge to plan. If you want to throw a pool party in the near future, these three tips for throwing an awesome pool party can get you started.


Set the Scene

If you want your pool party to impress your guests to the point where they’ll be talking about it for weeks, you must set the scene for your pool party by implementing a theme. There are different ways you can accomplish this. Your pool party decorations can set the scene by themselves with banners, specially designed dinnerware, proper music, and other decorations. Alternatively, you can tell your pool party guests ahead of time that the pool party has a theme and they should come dressed in their best poolside costume that fits with the theme. You can contact your guests about the theme via phone or invitation to simplify the process.


Prepare the Pool

When you throw a pool party, your pool is the star attraction. The last thing you want is for your guests to show up for a pool party only to find out that the pool isn’t in the mood to party. You should do a thorough inspection of your pool a few days before the date of your party. This will give you enough time to make any repairs to your pool equipment that is malfunctioning. Your pool pump system is the most important piece of pool equipment that requires an inspection because it is responsible for keeping your pool clean of debris. Your pool pump system is the beating heart of your pool and must be kept in optimal working condition.


Mobile Munchies

A pool party without delicious food is a dull and sad affair. If you’ve chosen a theme for your pool party, the food you offer should match the theme as much as possible. Since your guests will be spending their time either walking around to chat with the other guests or swimming, it’s wise to invest in party food that can be eaten on-the-go. Popular finger food for pool parties include nachos, chicken wings, cocktail franks, chips, shrimp cocktail, and vegetable trays.


While you want to make the food easily accessible, it is generally wise to keep food and drink separate from the pool itself. Most pool parties don’t involve the kind of swimming that has to wait after eating, but you don’t want food or debris in the pool that could damage the pumps and filters. The pool should also be a 100% glass free area, no exceptions. Paper and plastic plates or cups can be dangerous in their own way, but glass is especially dangerous around a pool. If a glass breaks, swimmers would be unlikely to see a shard of glass that sunk to the bottom of the pool and could seriously injure their feet and contaminate the pool. Plan your food and drink carefully and you’ll have nothing to worry about.


Some of your guests may forget to bring necessary poolside items such as sunscreen or suntan lotion. You should stock up on a few extra bottles of these poolside products to keep your guests comfortable and safe.