Plantation Shutters: Best Choice for Home Décor

Plantation shutters are the window covering frames which consist of vertical, horizontal or straight slats. These are generally found in the fresh air countryside of the U.S homes. These kinds of window shutters are mostly used in farmhouses. They are popular in many places from an early age because of its shape and its form. Most of the shutters are colored white. This is because white reflects most of the sunlight. These shutters are used in a place where summers are hottest and winters are mild. Due to so much heat and humidity, protection of the interior surrounding of the house is necessary. Thus, for providing the cool interior of the house and preventing sunlight from entering inside the house, plantation shutters are used.

Advantages of Choosing Plantation Shutters

  • Pleasant weather – plantation shutters provide with the main benefit of providing pleasant weather throughout the year as the main objective of the window is preventing cool winds in a window and hot humid air outside from the house.
  • Elegance – these kinds of shutters are found in most of the property of the house like in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms the main drawing-room. These kinds of windows provide a different of spark and elegance to the place. These are considered as the intermediate for the doorways in most of the early houses.
  • Durability – use of drapes or curtains in windows other than shutters would provide with less longevity. The shine and spark of shutters will never fade away because of the materials used nowadays are so reliable and durable that they stand strong against the sun’s harmful rays. Shutters are a one-time installation process and are never out of fashion.

  • Materials – there are different kinds of textures and material categories which come under types of plantation shutters. PVC shutters are considered a favorable choice as they provide a woody look and are very cost-effective. On the basis of personal preferences, materials can be chosen accordingly which would provide a good finish and décor to the place.
  • Aesthetic value – adding these kinds of windows to property adds up and increases the value of it. These kinds of windows are attached permanently as windows and provide an astonishing look to the property. Due to this reason, it can add up the value of the property and can help in repaying back the full price of it.
  • Maintenance – maintaining the cleanliness of the plantation shutters is an easy task than the washing of curtains or drapes. Cleaning the slates of the shutters with a normal damp cloth would be the best way of cleaning. This is the smarter way of maintaining window cleaning.
  • Improving the appearance – shutters lead to saving up a lot of space in the house. This would make the place look airy, spacious and good in appearance. This way more space is provided for decorating the house with some other materials like paintings or portraits which provide a unique visual effect to the place.

The standard size of the window shutters is 16×20 to a maximum of 48×44. The different materials used make the price range of the windows change from time to time. Along with the cost of the windows, the total cost might also add the expenses of installation and the labor fee of the installation expert. This is a onetime expense. In the later time, no more expenses are added other than the damage of breaking up of the windows shutters. Recommendation and advice from the plantation shutters expert are advisable before finalizing which shutter to be bought. An expert might guide about features of the shutters as well as about the surrounding environment of the place for which the shutter is based suited.

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