Do you have a best friend who has recently walked down the aisle and is now a happily married woman.  If so, you will have had the pleasure of being her maid of honor or perhaps a bridesmaid, and with these roles it will be down to you to organize the hen night.  I’m sure that people never really think about all the effort that hen parties take to arrange, but believe me you will learn pretty quickly.

Things of arrangement are not many. But, they need to give a thought. If you have a hen night to organize, I recommend doing the things in this order:

  • Decide who is going – Get a list of everyone your hen wants to be there and remember to get their contact details. Chances are you are going to need to contact them without the bride knowing or getting stressed about.
  • Pencil the date – This was probably the hardest bit as there are many people to work around.  I spent about a week making lots of calls often to women I had never met and working out when they were free.  Sometimes, you may not be able to cater for everyone which means some people will miss out. Just ensure you work around important family members and the very best friends.
  • Decide where you want to go and for how long for – Many hen nights are now hen weekends and even week long holidays are not unheard of. Check to see if key guests have passports before deciding on abroad. Also try and think about the Hen Party, Weddingsproblems you may face regarding travel, accommodation and budgets. Once you have the destination find accommodation but always discuss this with the key guests to ensure they can afford it.
  • Plan your nights out – If you decide to go away for a weekend, it’s a good idea to plan nights in advance. Many women love to dress up for a night out on the tiles, so think of a theme and help guests to find the right costumes well in advance of the holiday. Keep this part secret from the bride to be and simply buy her costume for her. It’s always nice to have one wild night followed by a more classy night. So perhaps look up some restaurants in the area you are visiting.

The hen night I organized was brilliant in the end, but it was a busy time organizing it all and trying to please everyone.  In the end, we all dressed up as super heroes and painted the town red in London which was fantastic.  I decided to focus only on the bride and as long as she would be happy everyone else would be too.