Great hair color defines the looks of a person. It is hair color that makes the important difference of giving a complete desirable look. That is why having a great hair color for your tone is of great importance. People with trained hair color theory do not get a problem in choosing the best hair color for their tone. For those without this background knowledge, choosing the best color may prove problematic especially because information given on many online sources is unclear, confusing, incomplete and even at times inaccurate and wrong.

The very first step in picking the right hair colour for your skin tone is determining whether you have either a warm or cool skin tone. This may sound an extremely hard task but it is not. Cool skin tone is characterized by a light skin, fair skin regardless of the ethnicity, pink and olive undertones and in most cases born with a black hair. Warm skin tone has yellow and golden undertones. A combination of the two is regarded as the neutral skin tone.

The wrist is also another important body part that would give a clue on what hair care would work best for you. There are pinks, reds blues yellows or greens on the wrist that are revealed after a keen observation. Veins that lie on the surface of the skin would also give a great indication of the skin tone you belong to. Blue and purple veins are a sign of a cool under toned skin. Veins with greenish cast indicate that you have a warm skin tone. When there is no dominant color over the others then that is a neutral tone.

The eyes also give a great insight of the undertones of a person. Gold specks on the eyes are an indication of warm undertones. The eye color is flexible but in most cases it is characterized by light colors. People from this tone have a great probability of having been born with ash-dishwater blonde or a tow head.  For those with bluish and greenish eyes, as well as those with super dark and emerald green, have got a cool under tone.  People with a cool skin tone do not tan easily and they do not have hazel eyes.

The best colors for a cool skin tone would include blue violet-red and violent base colors. Jewel toned hair, really dark brown or black and solid, jet back colors are also great with a cool undertone. Those with green eyes, pale skin should try out dark, violent hair colors as it looks great. Cool skin tone people should avoid Golden blonde, copper red and caramel or honey.

Warm skin tone people should prioritize colors such as violet blue or even green. Those are the basic colors and should give the general outlay of the colors from which they should center their choice. They may include Icy blonde, platinum blonde, ashy blonde and ashy brown. They should avoid hair care with an orange base or generally a golden base. Honey blonde and golden browns should also be avoided as they do not give the best looks.

There also a more distinct warm skin tone commonly referred to as the summer. It is characterized by a golden or an olive skin. When a member of this skin tone tans, the skin looks bronzed and the skin becomes richly toned. Actually, if you are from this category you tan very easily.  Their eyes are very flexible as far as color is concerned. They have hazel-colored eyes, although they may take any color.

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Summers should go for yellow or orange based colors. This is to complement their bright colors. Right, golden blonde, light caramel brown, champagne blonde, toffee, honey colors butter plantinum and all colors that are generally bright would do well with the summers. However, ashy colors, green, blue or black would not be suitable.

You should also consider how much time and money you are willing to spend for the hair acre of your choice. Those with a dark hair and wants to go blonde would be required root touch ups. Blondes would also call for investment in quality sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. A quality heat protectant would also be ideal to aid in blow drying and straightening.

It is also important to get to know the extent of your hair damage.  A frail and brittle wouldn’t auger well with drastic changes. Virgin hair is an ideal hair canvas. For damaged hair, it is easier to do darker hair than the lighter one. The lighter one worsens the condition.

The other important factor is age. As one gets older, they oftenly prefer becoming darker blondes. The reason behind this being that the older one gets the more they shift to softer colors and opt for a less harsh look.

Personality is also a determinant of the choice of the hair color. People try to fulfill the desires of the colors they dream of. This is fueled by the fact that one lives only once. Getting the color of your choice makes you feel like “yourself”.