The northern region of India is the cradle of salwar kameez. This attire is also popularly called the Punjabi suit, as it is most popular among the Punjabi women. This outfit originated during the medieval period, and since then, the salwar kameez has been massively altered in terms of styles and fittings.

However, even after centuries, the salwar kameez continues to be one of the most popular apparels in the Indian subcontinent. This outfit is the most commonly worn and seen outfit by women. It is present in everywhere in various styles, it is revered by urban as well as the rural women; it is adorned by the rich and the not-so-rich; and is loved by all.

While most other Indian outfits have a flowy and relaxed silhouette, the salwar kameez make an exception in that domain. It has a more fitted look that is tailored according to the wearer’s features. It also gives its adorners more freedom to do the daily activities as compared to sarees.

One woman’s structure and gait differ from another, and it is for this reason, there exists something called ‘body-type’, which simplistically is the shape of a woman’s body.  You might not look your best if you wear attire that does not suit your body type, and so let us have a look at different body types and the salwar kameez style that suits each type; –

1. The Pear Body Type

The pear body is characterized by a wider bottom and a narrow torso. It is one of the most appealing body shapes a woman can have. If you have this body type, then an anarkali Suits will suit you brilliantly.


In case you are a woman with this body type with a heavier than average lower half, you might want to settle for styles that flares towards the bottom. Salwar styles like the sharara and lehenga style salwar have a relaxed bottom-fit, and so any extra weight that you have will be covered by these styles, and it will as well make you look slimmer.

2. The Apple Body Type

This type of body features a fuller and heavier torso as compared to the bottom. This body type has slimmer hands, arms and legs. This type tends to have more mass in the back, shoulder and bust area.

If you are a woman with this body type, you should settle for sleeveless kameez styles as it would display your enviable slim arms. The churidar style salwar is the best pick for women with apple body type as it would highlight the slimness of the legs. You can as well go for any fashion that has a snug fit, all of the snug fit styles will look great on you.

3. Hour Glass Body Type

Consider yourself enormously blessed if you have an hourglass body type. This is considered the most appealing body type and anything go well on people having an hourglass body shape. You should consider styles that highlight your assets but in a modest way.


This type is characterized by a slim waistline with curvy hips and bust. If you have this body type, then you can wear almost anything, but a salwar style that has a snug fit, like churidar or cigarette-pant suit will look better on you than fashions that have a relaxed fit.

4. The Ruler Body Type

This particular body type is called so because it is straight, similar to a ruler, and for this reason, it is also called the straight body type. This body type lacks curves and tends to look rather straight.


If you have this body type, you might want to dissipate the straight-ish effect by wearing a fit that gives an illusion of curves. A fit and flare style like Anarkali salwars or an A-line salwar suits will look best on you.

Beyond body type and what ”suits” a woman, there lies your wish. So, if you wish to try out any salwar kameez style, just go for it regardless of your body type. There are various fashion trends in the arena of salwar kameez that are setting in, try all of  them out if you wish to, and feel like a queen.