In our whole life, we have been taught that time cannot be stopped. “Time does not wait for none.” Once it is gone, it is gone forever. But no, you are wrong! Time can be frozen, for a single moment, though, but it can be. We can hold memories and moments forever. And those frozen times and moments are called pictures. Pictures are the possibilities in life that happened a while ago. Pictures are the evidence that at some point in our life we were something or someone. Maybe happy and excited or maybe sad. Pictures depict that life has immense possibilities; it teaches us not to give up, it teaches us that life goes on. Pictures are very dear to us. And it will always be. But pictures can come alive when they are framed in a beautiful photo frame. Frames hold pictures like our mind hold our sweetest memories. However, in this era of hard disk and memory card, a few people care about photo frames. But do not worry. No modern technology can take away the place of a photo frame like an e-book cannot take away the place of yellow-paged books. And if you are one of those persons, searching for a beautiful photo frame, you are at the right place. Craftsvilla has brought the joy of photo frames altogether and that too in a whole new avatar. Collage photo frames! Let us have a look.


Collage photo frames are normal photo frames, comes in a bunch. Remember making a collage of different photographs on your phone? Collage photo frames are just the reality of those collages. Though collage photo frames are rare to find; you can find them easily at the CraftsVilla. CraftsVilla has a wide range of collage photo frames, and they differ in colour and size. It can be of metal, wood or plastic. Not only that; collage photo frames differ in other qualities too viz, wall hanging and standard table top collage photo frames. Now, you can gift these collage photo frames in different occasions like anniversary, birthday or wedding;

CraftsVilla has stuffed up all the varieties. You can collage two photographs or twenty, according to your choice. Apart from that, these photo frames come into your budget; from Rs. 400 to Rs. 5000, it has a broad range to decide. Gone are those days when you have a peep into every photo shop of the town to get the perfect one for you. With the invent of e-shops, you can buy anything from your home with just one click. Collage photo frames are no exception. With just one click over the CraftsVilla website, you can choose the holder of your memories. This new year, decorate your home with beautiful collage photo frames. Choose the best ones from the crowd of products in Craftsvilla; traditional, hand-made, wooden, metallic, table top, marble frames, paper frames, vintage frames, etc. Be your own Santa Clause and present yourself a bunch of memories from the past. Happy Buying!