Weddings are all about happiness, the bride and groom, tasty cuisine, gorgeous dresses, charming decoration, and memories. Yet there’s something else that is an essential part of the day – gifts. Gifts make any event more special for the person in consideration and especially when it comes to personalized wedding gifts for couple, people get excited enough to find the best one. While it’s still easy for the guests and families to shop something for the couple, picking from the best wedding gifts from bride to groom is a tough task.

Fortunately, for brides, there is a great gifting option, which is none other than photos on canvases and wood prints. It is undoubtedly among the perfect way of expressing your feelings towards your partner and making a beautiful start of your new life. Photos have always been a medium of saving best memories not only for yourself but also share with your loved ones. While the smartphones and all have made it easier to click and keep photos within a few clicks, photos printed on canvases and wooden bases are still the best way of keeping those moments alive and physically present around you.

Here are a few reasons that make wood prints and canvases the perfect choice of wedding gift for bride and groom. Let’s have a look:

1:- Keep Memories Alive

What’s better way of saving your cherished memories than printing them on a beautiful base made of wood or a canvas! Printing a photo of your husband-to-be on a well-designed canvas will surely swoon him from the very first glance.

2:- Unique

Sharing photos via Internet, on social media, or in albums is outdated and common now. What you can do to make it unique and more special for the person is to use the best photo of you two together and get it printed on a canvas. Doing so will be apt for swooning your partner. Also, wood prints and canvases serve better when it comes to showcase and save memories physically. Keep it on the bedside table or hang it on your main wall to let everyone see the love and bond you share with your better half.

3:- Personalized

Photos are personal and gifting a canvas as an expression of love is definitely among the most personalized wedding gifts for couple. You can do so much with them and get it designed the way you want. Also, at online stores like Just Happy Tears, you can even pair a personalized message or poem with the canvas to make it more connective and customized.

4:- Emotional

So there’s no doubt saying photographs are so connective and keep your memories stored in the form of static moments. So why not gift the newly-married couple a customized canvas that has their most-loved photo! Choose your base and submit a photograph to get a gift as special as the bride and groom. Even better, if you are the bride, use it as wedding gifts from bride to groom.

5:- Reasonable

Finally, the reason why so many people opt for this gifting option is due to its affordability and economical nature. Despite being such a fantastic way of expressing love and wishes, it’s a completely reasonable gift that anyone can afford. The best thing is, there’s no compromise on quality!

So these are some of the main reasons why photo canvases and wood prints make as great wedding gifts for bride and groom. You can also use the same idea to surprise other loved ones in your circle. Visit to professional wedding planner and browse through the different options available to you.